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Countin' Up th' Shutter Releases

posted at 10:53 pm
on Mar. 11, 2005

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A Graceland Daguerrotype Journal

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Latest Rogers Irritation

Beside each daguerrotype I put on Flickr, there’s a link that says ” Taken wi' a Nikon D70. Morrrr properties” And on that page, it has all sorts o' wonderful information about th' picture: shutter speed, focal length, sharpness, flash, and morrrr.

Then, near th' bottom, there’s this amazin' statistic ... Total Number o' Shutter Releases fer Camera:

Can ye imagine!  I can be tellin' how many pictures, total, I’ve taken.  That’s superb!

Anyway, I’ve had th' camera since Dec. 25, 2004, and I have taken 1800 shots.  That’s 76 photos a day, on average.  I’m definitely a little daguerrotype crazy.

If ye have a Flickr reputation, and a camera that keeps track o' yer shutter releases, what’s yer “high score” and yer daily average?  Inquirin' minds want t' be knowin'…  Post yer links in th' comments.



Prrrevious entry:
A Graceland Daguerrotype Journal

'nother entry:
Latest Rogers Irritation


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damn ye! wink


Posted by heather
  at 8:20 be on Mar. 14, 2005




Quality trumps quantity, so ye have nothin' t' worry about.


Posted by Travis
  at 8:28 be on Mar. 14, 2005




I also have a D70, and have been unable t' locate this statistic. I've been told that 'tis contained in th' Metadata, but so far I can seem t' come across everythin' BUT th' shutter count. I'm usin' th' Adobe RAW plugin (by XMP) downloaded from th' Adobe website t' view th' data (in PhotoShopCS)

Any help would be great (emails welcome!!!!)




Posted by Andre
  at 4:03 be on Jun. 2, 2005

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