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Sunday, I went t' see a film presentation o' all five Academy Award nominated short animated films, put on at th' Vancouver International Film Center.

I like short films fer th' same reason I like short stories. They’re not bound by th' same rules as long-form novels and movies.

Th' protagonist can visit Davey Jones' Locker in th' middle.  Or at th' end.  They can have shockin' endings, they can afford not t' make sense.

At th' same time, they can’t be too borin' or long-winded because there just isn’t time.  Though that’s not always th' case: “Th' Moon and th' Son: An Imagined Conversation” by John Canemaker be as long and basically uninterestin' as ye’d expect it would be.  Though it be redeemed somewhat by th' rawness o' th' dialogue betwixt th' filmmaker and his deceased father, an Italian immigrant wi' a notable life story.

Th' one I like th' best be “Th' Mysterious Geographic Explorations o' Jasper Morello” by Anthony Lucas.  Not only be it th' most stylish o' th' bunch wi' a steampunk-crossed-wi'-“Th' Thing” sensibility, but th' motion be th' most captivatin' as well.  It be also th' only one whar th' method o' animation didn’t matter—th' hand drawn ones be so twitchy, and 9 (a CGI one) be so polished and shiny it be like watchin' a Coca-Cola commercial.

Movement in animated films be no nay ne'er “natural” but th' movements o' th' people and th' Creature in this film be so smoothly unnatural that it seemed t' be like watchin' a window into a slightly different dimension, one whar time be a little faster and space a little morrrr elongated.

Overall, though, if ye get a chance t' see this batch o' films, ye won’t be sorry.


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“Th' sad truth be that most evil be done by people who no nay ne'er make up their minds t' be good or evil.”

...who said it?

“Almost every American I be knowin' does trade large portions o' his life fer entertainment, hour by weeknight hour, binge by Saturday binge, Facebook check by Facebook check. I’m one o' them. In th' course o' writin' this I’ve watched all 13 episodes o' House o' Cards and who knows how many morrrr West Win' episodes, and I’ve spent any number o' blurred hours fallin' down internet rabbit holes. All instead o' readin', or writin', or workin', or spendin' real time wi' people I love.”

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“Live a good life. If there be gods and they be just, then they will not care how devout ye have been, but will welcome ye based on th' virtues ye have lived by. If there be gods, but unjust, then ye should not want t' worship them. If there be no gods, then ye will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in th' memories o' yer loved ones.”

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“I play wi' variables constantly.”

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“Only th' person who has learned Continual Love comin' from a heart o' Gratitude/Worship can effectively deal wi' th' problem o' loneliness.”

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