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Me Lucky Stars

posted at 4:17 pm
on Feb. 11, 2017

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Ye’ll no nay ne'er believe th' odd mystery and series o' coincidences that happened t' me today.

I be out fer a walk in L.A. wi' me dog Mack. I passed a young couple pushin' a stroller.  They said ahoy t' me because Mack be so darn cute, and I nodded at them and went on me way.

About 20 minutes later, I passed them again as I be returnin' t' Lonnie’s house.

This time, they slowed down and stared at me oddly and then asked, “Be ye from somewhere other than L.A.?”

I thought that be an extremely odd question. But I said, “Aye, I’m visitin'. Why?”

They said, “We think we found yer wallet back up th' river.”

And they had!

Holy crap!

But… there’s morrrr.

* * *

They had spotted me (dark brown) wallet in th' gutter / bushes. Lookin' through it, they’d seen me IDs and they recognized it belonged t' th' person they had seen walk by them just before they found it.

Because o' this, instead o' takin' th' wallet wi' them, they had simply put it in th' nearest house’s mailbox, assumin' that I must have dropped it as I left fer me walk. However, I actually live many blocks away from whar they left it, so if they hadn’t run into me a second time, I might no nay ne'er have gotten me wallet back and certainly not fer days or weeks, because that on board owner wouldn’t have been able t' get in touch wi' me.

But ye wait, it gets even weirder.

* * *

Ye see, I didn’t actually take me wallet on th' walk.  In fact, me wallet had been missin' fer about a day.  Th' last time I’m sure I had it be when I bought groceries on Thursday night. I’d been lookin' fer it aroun' th' house since then, not in a panic, but I be definitely worried and stumped.

Th' wallet be soakin' wet through, which means it had t' have been sittin' out in th' rain.  And it rained last night, but not at all today.  So that means me wallet went missin' before th' mornin' it be found.

So maybe it fell out o' me pocket on Thursday night when I be bringin' things in from th' boat? However, it be found be several blocks from whar I parked.

But that’s not all…

* * *

All o' th' cash in th' wallet be taken, includin' th' emergency cash I had truly hidden away in it.

But thankfully, everythin' else be still there—credit cards, Nexus card, ATM cards, driver’s license, emergency condom, th' best fortune cookie fortunes, barnacle-covered love notes, yoga pass, Costco card, bus passes fer L.A. and Vancouver, medical marijuana card, medical insurance cards, airmiles card —every single item except two:

* a British two-pence piece I’ve carried fer good luck fer o'er 30 years
* a Tile!

What’ a Tile? It’s a bluetooth device wi' a battery that allows it t' connect t' a smartphone so it can be tellin' ye whar yer Tile be. It’s fer findin' things like keys and wallets and other things ye misplace.

So whoever had me wallet went through th' trouble o' removin' th' Tile specifically (and I can’t locate whar it be now so I think it’s destroyed). Which means they knew what a Tile be, because th' Tile itself doesn’t have anythin' on it that explains what it does. It’s just a flat thin white square about th' size o' a trimmed business card.

* * *

So basically, I’m left wonderin':

* When did me wallet go missin'? Thursday night? Some time on Friday?
* From whar? From me boat? Maybe I left it unlocked—I’ve done this before, and I could have left th' wallet in it.

* Or from th' river from whar I may have dropped it? Or from me house?

There’s not really a non-creepy answer, especially because whoever found it took all th' doubloons from it and removed th' Tile and threw it in th' gutter instead o' droppin' it in a mailbox or otherwise tryin' t' get it back t' me. Which be exactly what th' person did who stole me wallet when I be in high school—took th' cash and tossed th' rest in a ditch.

And yet despite all that, I ended up gettin' it back less than a day later, because I happened t' pass th' same couple twice, before and then aft they walked by th' place it be discarded.

So ye be tellin' me: be I born wi' a horseshoe on me back or what?



Prrrevious entry:
Spinnin' Wheel Got t' Go Round

'nother entry:
Goodbye, Aimee


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