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Update 8/23: I’d like to make it clear that I have no way of knowing for certain where Maggie’s ringworm came from. The ringworm could have come from any source. It’s possible we could have given it to Maggie or she could have picked it up in the four days after we got her.

Susie and I have a new little creature in our life.  Her name is Maggie, and she’s a super-cute, super-tiny little kitten.  She’s a bundle of energy, and has brought some wonderful excitement to our house. But it’s not all golden.

You see, while I’m really happy with the kitten, I’m very, very unhappy with the breeder, and I’m also a little upset with myself.  I’m also quite worried about our current cat, Aimee.

Maggie is an Abyssinian, about 16 weeks old.  We got her from Nightmist Abyssinians and Somalis in Sooke, BC. A friend in Calgary had previously gotten a kitten from this breeder, run by Susan and Graham Marshall, and had been very happy with her cat.

We were told by our friend that the breeder said Maggie had a head infection as a newborn kitten, and that some bacterial infection had damaged her left eye. This meant that she wasn’t “show quality” and so she was free if we could provider her with a good home.

But we were concerned that, having had this eye infection, she’d be bringing something into the house for Aimee to catch.  The breeder assured us before we went, and when we were there in person, that Maggie was over her disease and was not a risk.  When we picked Maggie up, we also saw her brother, who’d also had the infection, and they both looked like happy, healthy cats (though with a damage eye).

The breeder assured us that there was nothing that Maggie could give Aimee, that at the most they’d trade colds the way cats do whe they’re introduced. She never told us the name of the infection, either, and we did ask several times—she said it was just an infection that cats sometimes get.

We got her home and after a few days of separation (we kept Maggie in the bathroom while she adjusted to being in a new place), let Maggie out so the cats get to know each other.

Meanwhile, we were taking Maggie to our vet to make sure she was healthy, and the vet recommended we take her to a specialist for a closer look at her eye, and that’s when we got the bad news.

The specialist in New Westminster told us that Maggie had a classic, completely obvious case of cat herpes. Many cats get herpes, and like in humans, it’s permanent, non-treatable, and rarely fatal.  It can manifest over and over in times of stress, and can be really bad for kittens, causing them eye and respiratory problems. Which is what happened to Maggie when she was young, clearly, and so Maggie still had (and always will have) herpes.

Meanwhile, at home, Aimee was just then showing signs of a bad cold and other symptoms of—you guessed it—cat herpes.  So while the good news is that the kitten, Maggie, is probably going to be fine and her eye is going to remain semi-functional or better her whole life, meanwhile, we’ve just infected Aimee with a permanent disease that she has never had and might never have caught.

To be fair, it’s possible Aimee, who’s wheezing away and meowing like a frog these days,  caught something else, a normal cold perhaps, from Maggie—but even if that’s true, it’s also very likely that she’ll eventually catch herpes. There’s no reliable test, and no reliable vaccine, for feline herpes.

And it’s true the breeder might not of known this was herpes, but that could only be if a) she never took Maggie to the vet (a vet would have been able to diagnose this in moments) and b) if the breeder was so clueless as to be unable to identify cat herpes, which I doubt.

So it’s far more likely that the breeder knew that Maggie had feline herpes and did not divulge this to us.  I find this fairly reprehensible.

Secondly, and in some ways even worse, Susie and Maggie and Aimee and I all currently are sharing another disease: ringworm.  Ringworm is a fungus like athletes foot that can be spread from cat to cat and cat to human by contact and by spores in the air.  It’s stubborn, but treatable, and even preventable if you know you’re going to come into contact with it.

It’s gross, though—circular patches of red, scaly, itchy skin on your trunk and limbs.  Susie has it really bad—multiple spots everywhere, she’s like a personalized “Target” ad campaign.  I’m a little better, with about 6 spots I have identified and am treating.

It’s not that obvious that Maggie has ringworm, but now that we’re looking, we see signs.  And if one of this Nightmist breeder’s cats had ringworm, they probably all did.  And, if the breeder had TOLD us Maggie or any of her pets had ringworm, we would have treated Maggie immediately, and kept her separate from Aimee and from most of the house until she was cured.

We still would have adopted Maggie, we just would have taken the proper steps to keep ourselves, our cat and our house clean and uncontaminated.

But instead, we weren’t told, and we let Aimee get infected, and we let Maggie roam the house.  And now we need to launder the curtains, the couch cushions, the rugs, everything, and I’ve got to rub on cream twice daily and it’s just generally super awful and a TON of work.

And, my Mom was supposed to visit this weekend from Calgary, but we talked it over and I convinced her not to come, even though we were both looking forward to it, but who wants to have their mom go home with a fungus after a family visit.  Not me!

So there’s a cancelled ticket and my Mom missed the fireworks and a BBQ I had planned.

Again, to be fair, it’s possible the breeder didn’t know that Maggie was herself infected.  But it’s so very unlikely that Maggie was the only one of her cats to have this problem, and it’s something any decent, competent breeder ought to know about.  It’s much more likely we were just not told, and the less likely but still bad alternative is that Nightmist just didn’t pay attention or know what ringworm was.

Anyway, the reason I personally feel really, really bad is because I’ve been wanting an Abyssinian cat for a long time, and Susie has always been worried that a new cat will come in and upset Aimee.  And now this cat I wanted has turned out not just to have “upset” Aimee but even worse: to have given her a permanent viral infection and a temporary fungus too, and I’m the proximate cause.

Meanwhile, we’re having to treat Maggie and Aimee with shampooings and oral medication and it’s not a whole lot of fun to have to do that several times a day, let me tell you.

And in case my friend is reading this—I’m glad you had a good experience with your Abyssinian from Nightmist, and I’m happy with Maggie, but I would never, never recommend Nightmist Breeders to someone else after what happened to Maggie and us.


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Cat herpes? That's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear it, poor little M. I hope Aimee will be all right. Are you going to contact the breeder about it?


Posted by Mandy
  at 5:10 am on Aug. 6, 2007




There's nothing the breeder can do for MAggie or her existing cats -- and we paid no money for Maggie. So I don't see any reason to contact the breeder.


Posted by Travis Smith
  at 8:41 am on Aug. 6, 2007




So, I did contact the breeder, see the next entry...


Posted by Travis Smith
  at 1:06 pm on Aug. 9, 2007




While I doubt this will actually be posted I must comment on the lack of facts in the Blog. For the record we are the breeders that are referred to in the blog. We gave a free kitten to Travis . He came to our home and we discussed the Viral infection that the kitten had contracted while at the Calgary Cat show. There was no other health concerns with the kitten other than those we discussed with Travis and Susie. As for the dialogue about ring worm we have never had it in our home nor have our cats been exposed to it

Travis is emotional about the cats condition and we have encouraged him to call but he has been reluctant and quite frankly rude in his emails. If any one would like the actual facts of this event please call us at 250-642-1726


Posted by Graham
  at 9:07 pm on Aug. 22, 2007




Dear Travis,
I am very sad that
your sweet cats are
going through such
a terrible ordeal.
It is very hard to
watch our kitties suffer; they are so
much like our own
children. You seem to care very deeply
about your cats.
Because you seem
to be so caring I
find it difficult
to understand why
you are visciously
attacking your fellow human beings.
I know it is very
hard not to point a finger and to affix
blame for the horrible things that
happen to us and to
those we love, but
to do so publically and
with no real justification is
reprehensible in my
opinion. Such a course of action can
only cause pain and
harm and is totally
Herpes is a nasty, easily transmitted virus, but it is
difficult to tell a
herpes viral infection from a calici viral infection without having a culture done. I'm sure the
Marshalls would have
told you which infection the kitten had had they
known. L-Lysine will
help to keep your
kitten free of symptoms.
Ringworm is a
pesky fungus. It
is often indemic in areas
where horses and cattle are found.
Cats are perfect
carriers of the fungus. A single
hair can harbor about 200 spores.
Liquid Goldenseal
will kill it on
contact, and Lamisil
cream does an excellent job as well. Both can be
safely used on your
cats and on yourselves.
Having ringworm
is a nightmare. I
empathize with you.
I went through it
about nine years ago, and so I understand how
frustrated and stressed out you
must be. However,
I know the Marshalls
and their cats well,
and I know that they
have not had it in their cattery. You
could have gotten a
spore from many sources. To accuse
them is not right.
Had they had it among their cats you
would have seen it
because the cats
would have had bald spots. I also know
the Marshalls to be
highly ethical people, and they
would never have
knowingly put you
or your cats in harm's way.
I am very sorry you
are going through
all this heartache,
and I know you are
terribly frustrated.
But please do consider removing
your libelous accusations from your blog. No good
can possibly come
from venting your
spleen in this way.
It is not just.
Your blog seems
to be of a high caliber and could
be so delightful to
peruse. I hope you
get through this
ordeal soon and that
your blog can relay
joy, happiness and
delight in your cats.
I wish you the



Posted by Mildred Benesch
  at 10:53 am on Aug. 23, 2007




reprehensible in
my opinion.
I know the Marshalls. They would never have knowingly put your or your cats in harm's way. Had they had ringworm in their home you would have known it because their cats would have had bald spots on them. Ringworm is easily
transmitted and can
be found in the environment,especially a rural one.
I hope your kitties recover soon and that your blog can tell of the joy you are experiencing with them. Best wishes,Mildred


Posted by Mildred Benesch
  at 11:14 am on Aug. 23, 2007




What do we have here? Someone who received a purebred Aby cat for free from a breeder with international wins and a sterling reputation, and now decides to calumniate that same breeder by making doubtful statements about the terms of the transaction and suggesting that the breeder has a ringworm problem.

And how does this fine, upstanding person handle the situation? By creating a blog entry, linking it to the cattery website, and adding meta-data to ensure that the the blog comes up when someone does a search for the cattery name.

Two can play at that game. Unless this whole thing about Nightmist is removed from this blog, PRONTO, I will create my own blog, starting with an article on the subject of Poor Web Design. Your blog qualifies in spades, and you can bet your bottom dollar (while you still have one) that it will show up in all search engines as a prime example of how not to design a website.


Helen Warn, PhD


Posted by Helen Warn, PhD
  at 1:51 pm on Aug. 24, 2007




I have purchased 2 breeding cats from Nightmist, and I have nothing but horrible things to say about this Breeder. If you would like to call me about my issues withthis breeder, I would be happy to discuss them with you over the phone.


Nathan Sharkey


Posted by Nathan Sharkey
  at 7:32 am on Oct. 8, 2008




My phone number is (403) 505-4443

Nathan Sharkey


Posted by Nathan Sharkey
  at 7:34 am on Oct. 8, 2008




Susan Marshall is a wonderful breeder. One of my abys died from a racoon attack so she sold ua another a avery good price.The one I had was radiantely healthy I now have two that are in beautiful health. Thanks to susan. I am sure you can be confident in her cat breeding.


Posted by Mary and Ray Formosa
  at 5:25 pm on Sep. 10, 2009




I show as well and know this breeder. She has a reputation of lying and the canadian breeders call her the "big box" store for cats. She runs a kitten mill. While you might have gone to her house I bet you didn't get to see most of it. She hides how her cats are really treated. I'm glad that maggie ended up wirh you because if not she would have been dead. She did not tell you the truth. She is not stupid and knows about herpes and ringworm and has people to get medicine in the US as its not available in canada shame on her for being so unethical. Makes the good honest breeders look bad.


Posted by chris
  at 12:29 am on May. 2, 2010




susan marshall is a wonderful person she has great cats and whoever says otherwise is obviosly stupid.


Posted by lola
  at 10:11 pm on Jun. 22, 2010




Susan and graham Marshall are the best breeders I have been through every square inch of there home and saw nothing but happy healthy cats I think this blog is the most uncalled for thing to do that cat was known to you that it had a health condition it's not like you weren't aware of the situation.I also know susan very well from cat shows and her cats always do very well and are healthy. I believe you should delete this stupid idea of a blog and get a life.


Posted by Lola
  at 9:54 pm on Nov. 23, 2010




The Marshalls have some beautiful cats.There house seems spotless. However I did buy a blue abby kitten soon after it came down with a fatal virus called FIP. I was glad to care for it constantly when it was sick; as it sure needed me. However it died and it was not the Marshals fault. As there is no blood test for it, they then gave me another kitten a red abby.It has great health and is 3 years old. After the first blue abbey died they gave me a free blue abbey kitten which was blind in one eye from a scrattch. I took it happily but this blue also died of FIP virus. But these things happen .Thats life. I would still buy from them; but would hold off on a blue for a while even though I really want one. susan the breeder is really nice and seems very cat smart.I have two very healthy abbys from them.


Posted by mary formosa
  at 9:22 pm on Jun. 24, 2012





We had bought 2 Abyssinian cats from Susan Marshall -Nightmist- last year, 2011, one male fawn, and a female ruddy. She didn't want us to come to her house in Sooke, which would have been easy for us and close, but she told me to come to Nanaimo, where she had a show at the local fairgrounds there and she had a large amount of cats for sale. I did buy my two kittens there and she gave us a carton to take them home.
Right on the way home in the car the female was sneezing and caughing and having discharge out of her nose and a wet eye.
The next day, a Monday, I took them right away to my local Pender Island Vet and had them checked out. We did then 2 bouts of antibiotics for 2 weeks each, but it didn't work. We realized then, that there might be a problem with the cat.

Also, the little boycat had very loose stool, and after blood tests (very expensive, because we are on an island) found out he had a very bad parasite: Tritrichomonas Foetus. Treatment of this parasite is very difficult, since there is no medicine available for veterinary purposes. This parasite is transmitted by the mother's milk, so all litter mates would have it. Both of the cats I bought have this condition, because the little female caught it from the litterbox, where it gets transmitted.

The little male kitten, the fawn one, started having real problems a few months later, not eating and such, and the Vet found his belly full of tumors, malignant, and he died not much later of feline leukemia. Not even a year old!

Now we only have Abby, our little female, she is now a little over a year old. It is now July 2012. She will always have that sneezing with discharge and caughing in a terrible way and always a running eye. And she still has the Tritrichomonas foetus, even after treatment.

We approached her for another kitten to replace the little male, but Susan Marshall refused to even discuss it. She wants me to do an autopsy and tissue pathology. Seeing that I spend over $2000 on the cats and the Vet until now, I don't think I want to spend anymore on something which is finished and done with. It's bad enough loosing the little kitten. I spent all this money and I only have one cat now and a sick one at that. Susan Marshall insists that all her cats are healthy, she send us a report from a veterinarian that the mother cat was healthy. However the name of the mother cat and the name of the mother on the Pedigree, are 2 different names. When I questioned that she was evasive. I think, this women is lying. She never offered to replace the cat or reimburse us for the Veterinarian's bills.

Both cats didn't want to be handled, so I think this lady must run a kitten mill and she has little time or interest in handling them in preparation for a new home for them.

Also I have just met a neighbour close to me, her name is Deborah, and she also has a cat from Susan Marshall and that cat has the same problems as our little female. Running eyes and sneezing. I think this Catlady should be closed down, to end the misery to those little kittens. I will work on that. This has to end.


Posted by Irene Rogers
  at 6:05 pm on Jul. 11, 2012




Night mist sold me a cat infected with Giardia (beaver fever) and it died within 10 days. Then the Marshalls claimed there was Giardia in the Calgary tap water and it was because I didn't feed it bottled water. If they bothered to look it up, the incubation period for Giardia is 14 days, so it was clearly given to me infected with the parasite.

We demanded a refund, they refused claiming it was our fault for not feeding it bottled water. The Marshalls eventually agreed to give us half the cost of the cat as a refund, but only after the same cat had more kittens. It has been two years and we haven't received a dime.

I will be writing about my story in more detail soon as it is clear they not only sold me a cat infected with Giardia, but lied about giving me a half refund.

If you have any doubts, we purchased a new abyssianian from a different breeder and gave him Calgary tap water from day one, and it is still in perfect health. My vet agreed that the infection could not have come from the tap water, otherwise pets and people in Calgary would have the infection quite commonly, which they do not.

Use my story as a warning, I will post a link to a more detailed account soon, people need to be warned.



Posted by Christian
  at 2:18 pm on Aug. 14, 2012




I'd like to add, Susan if you read this and have any concern about your reputation, give me the refund you promised me and I will update this site stating that you have.

If you don't see such a reply, know that I never did see the refund I was promised, which would make me very untrusting of the word of this breeder.



Posted by Christian
  at 2:27 pm on Aug. 14, 2012




I'm FUCKIN PISSED, she is a liar and said no one has ever had any problems (my cat Phoenix died, had FIP, tritrichomonas)... she needs to stop breeding! I posted my email, please contact me so we can form a coalition of some sort and get the TICA organization to take some action!!!!


Posted by Fabian Balderrama
  at 3:54 pm on Jan. 11, 2013




I purchased a 6mth old Aby ruddy male in 2006 from Nightmist.. also with a previous eye infection (seems to be common based on this blog) which caused his eye to water/discharge consistently. I did have my vet check him out and there were no further issues/health concerns with his eye.
However - my Aby died suddenly in December-2012. His autopsy determined he died from HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), which isnt common in *purebred* Abys. I contacted Susan/Graham Marshall to inquire if there was any history of HCM or other genetical issues/deaths in their lines and was advised 'No'.
Apparently NOT the case in reading everyone else's stories on here .... I have been speaking with other Aby breeders and was told a few things about Nightmist that I wish I knew before I had purchased from them ... Will never make the same mistake again


Posted by Monica
  at 7:41 am on Feb. 18, 2013




We have also had a terrible experience with 2 cats we got from Nightmist. The first we bought 2 years ago. It is a Rudy that we got with a respitory infection. We have tried everything under the sun but this cat still constantly sneezes large amounts of bloody snot everywhere and very frequently has soft bloody stool. This cat also has a vagina and a ball( possible testicle) on either side of it. Many people have seen this cat including vets and breeders and nobody so far has seen anything like it??Susan did tell us a head of time that she couldn't sex the kitten. I talked to Susan many times over a year or so as I was so upset with the health issues of this cat.I have 2 young kids and was worried that the cat could get them sick. She assured me that couldn't happen.She then agreed to give us another kitten and keep the one we had as nobody would probably want it and we have given it such a great house. Shortly later we went to see her at a cat show close to our house where we chose a new kitten. She was originally going to send us a new kitten at some point but because we were at the cat show we ask if we could take one. My daughter chose a little blue girl that sat alone in the litter box. Susan said she was anti social and probably not a good mix for us but that is the one we decided on. Shortly after having her home we realized there was something really wrong with her. My husband took her back to Susan at the cat show but she reassured him she was fine but needed to adjust. She got to the vet once again. He told us she was so sick with some type of respitory infection. Both our cats are still alive, very beautiful looking and probably have the best personalities we could ask for but I have major anxiety on a daily basis as I deal with the issues of the first cat. My kids are so attached to these cats as the cats are to all of us. We will continue to give them both a great home but I would not wish this on anyone else.


Posted by Anxiety
  at 9:05 am on Jun. 10, 2013




I guess, after reading all these sad testimonials, I am extremely fortunate to have a lovely Abyssinian from Nightmist. Sukee , now 4 years old, is the most wonderful cat I have ever known. She is truly amazing. I am so sorry for those with such bad experiences, and I wonder if Susan Marshall should still be breeding Abys.


Posted by Judith
  at 9:55 pm on Jun. 16, 2013




I am so disappointed. I really trusted her while talking with her on the phone. Ironically, I found this site before the purchase and confronted her about it. She assured me that it was a disgruntled customer and her pets in general are healthy. I wanted to buy my wife a kitten after her cat died after 20 years. It was to be a special time. Unfortunately, things started to go downhill after my wife met the kitten and feel in love. The weekend we were to take the cat Susan told us the cat may have had a reaction to the shampoo she was using. She ended up shaving it. I asked my wife to reconsider as things were suspect. However, Susan reassured my wife that it was merely aesthetics and the kitten was by all accounts healthy. After all, Susan said she took it to the vet and gave it its expected shoots .She changed the contract and sold it for cheaper stating "as is sale." I bite my tongue the whole time. My wife took it home and then bam! My sons had dots all over them and then my wife, and finally myself. The dog that I absolutely love got spots too. Went to the vet and bingo it was ringworm. I called Susan, told her what the problem was. She never indicated there was ever such an issue. Anyway, I had to accept some responsibility and ended the conversation. $2000 plus dollars laundry from hell, and cleaning like nuts, segregating our pets for months, and an emotional roller coaster, as seems well now. Until I checked this site again and found out that recently others are experiencing the same things. I know your pain and I don't understand how a human could do this to others for money. It's absolutely hard to believe she didn't have any indication of this issue. Not even a warning to let us decide. Just a big kick in the face. Susan never once called after my call during the months to see how we were doing. It's so upsetting and I am a believer in Karma. My heart goes out to all. Thanks for the listen.


Posted by Michael
  at 9:02 pm on Sep. 25, 2013




These breeders are totally unscrupulous. We purchased one two kittens…one so sick it had to be returned for a "replacement"…the second died a horrible death in my arms. These two people breed for money, accept zero responsibility for breeding and selling sick cats…they should be closed down.


Posted by Patricia Fieldwalker
  at 5:53 pm on Mar. 20, 2014




I, too, have a cat I purchased from Nightmist. Susan Marshall repeatedly assured me at the time of purchase that this cat was healthy. Such is not the case. Among many other health problems, the veterinarian has diagnosed my cat with FVR (cat herpes) and chronic asthma (he must be on prednisolone for the rest of his life). I am puzzled that such a disreputable breeder, with this litany of complaints, is still breeding Abyssinians. Susan Marshall also continues to be a co-organizer of the Garden City TICA cat show in Sidney, BC, Canada.


Posted by Joanne
  at 4:29 pm on Jun. 19, 2014




My mom and I purchased a kitten from Susan Marshall the end of October at the cat show in White Rock. With being former [redacted] breeders, from almost 20 yrs ago, we knew nothing of TF and wanted to believe an organizer of a catshow for TICA, whom we aligned ourselves with could do us harm.
Here is our accound - it's long, I apologize.
We got [redacted] in October 2013 from Susan Marshall, at a cat show. She was 3 months old and in a cage with her sister. Now remind you, this is normal for yourself and myself as you breed and my family bred [redacted] over 20 years ago, in the 90's.....but alot has changed, obviously. My mother and I ([redacted]'s caretakers) should have known better and gotten this person's card and done research on her......but we trusted her since she seemed on the up and up. [redacted] upon closer inspection before and after we left the venue, was covered in feces, and her ears were completely covered inside with dark wax and was sneezing. We (my mother, I and a friend who came with us) thought, ok she's a kitten and was playing in the litter box as kittens do, and the sneezing, she could have picked something up in the biggie. We got her home and bathed her gave her ears a deep cleaning. It took over 20 q-tips, 2 wash clothes to get the dirty ears managed. We then noticed the diarrhea, paired with HORRIBLE, gut churning the litterbox and dribbling out her poor bottom. We took her to a vet recommended by a another breeder which is super close by. They gave her another round of deworming etc (she was already done previously), and antibiotics and probiotics. But we decided that vet was not for us since they did not bother to follow up, and other issues. We notified the breeder and she brushed us off. [redacted] was getting worse. We were wiping her bottom upwards of 10(ish) times a day, her eye was swollen and icky, sneezing, ear wax back and worse. We then decided to go back to our original vet (we had previously had to put a cat down there and we were originally distancing ourselves from there......sad memories) Dr. [redacted] of [redacted] Animal Hospital. He immediately zeroed in on all the issues. We tried a few different meds, the fecal samples showed nothing, we did eye drops and ointment. Her eye cleared up, but she get squinty alot, she still sneezes, diarrhea, dribbly bottom. Dr. [redacted] began talking a few different things. In all this time, we were in contact with the breeder. She immediately went on the defense with "there is NOTHING wrong with her". Then it turned into, "nevermind your vet, he knows nothing". Then it turned into, "send her back to me....I will treat her with a medicine I have then I will take to to a vet to get tested". That's where we got nervous....what medicine? To treat what?.....She refused to tell us. And to treat first then take to the vet last......that seemed backwards to us. We have never encountered this when we were breeding. We thought about this offer, and were doing research on her.....and have since found MANY unflattering things about her cats and what issues are common from her cattery. We then told her no, we will not send [redacted] to her. We were afraid she'd switch animals on us, especially since we've been developing a bond with [redacted]. We kept trying to get through to her "what is wrong, what is the medicine" etc? The breeder's interactions began getting rude, and it seemed to us, that she was trying to bully us into what she wanted. Her last voicemail was "I know everything about this cat, your vet knows absolutely nothing"....."if you do not send her me immediately then I cannot help you with anything". We have gone to her vet in Cloverdale, and he told us she only sees him for spay/neuter/and vaccines. He told us she has attempted to force him to spay a 9week old kitten, and few unsavory stories. HE probably should not have spoken to us, but he felt bad for us. He did encourage us to get Dr. [redacted] to do a diarrhea panel, it picks up any known virus DNA, RNA etc . So we did ask Dr. [redacted] to do so since nothing else was helping. Her test came back positive with: Feline Coronavirus (common virus within a cold) no big deal, Tritrichomonas foetus (a protozoa that is found in cattle's penis' (yep, serious) and shelters, rescues, and some breeders) very difficult to eradicate and lives in poop, Campylobacter jejuni + C.perfringens alpha toxin (CPA).....the vet seems to believe the last two can be treated once we get rid of the Tritrichomonas......or at least be easier to treat once we get rid of the protozoa. Since our other cat, [redacted] was in close contact with [redacted], and shared a she has it too, but she has the gas, and soft poop. [redacted]'s poop has gotten better since we've been fiddling with her diet (oriental breeds have sensitive digestive tracts)....but there is foul gas, soft cow patty poop (common symptoms). We've done two rounds of the ONLY medicine licensed to get rid of Tritrichomonas as a liquid and a capsule, but it is still here. It is VERY difficult to get rid of, and will probably will take multiple rounds. We've been getting the medicine compounded so that we have proper dosage for both cats. [redacted] barely 5 lbs....and [redacted] 9 lbs. We have no problem then [redacted] has this....disappointing, but ok. But we are super pissed off that we were brushed off, lied to, etc etc etc. We could have avoided all the expensive tests and began treating her from day one, and not exposed [redacted] to this. Before this, [redacted] has never been sick a day in her life.

We have since been talking to a Bengal breeder and a Maine Coon breeder (that we've met at the cat shows) and first disclosing who we were, and what we did many years ago, our cattery, our breed stock. We've been building a relationship with them, and asking their advice. The Bengal breeder says, she knows our breeder very well, and knows she has run into any and all issues, so the Bengal breeder will call her for advice, but did disclose that she would NEVER get a cat from the breeder.....very telling. We are putting together the whole story towards the breeder with our story and evidence, and see if we can come to some sort of agreement. If not, we will be reporting her to the TICA reps, the CFA reps, Abyssinian breeder association reps, the BBB, possibly take her to small claims court since she did lie to us and we have the evidence.....we have kept the emails and voice mails. She blatantly LIED to us regarding this kittens health. Who now is stunted in growth because she can't keep much in her, pair that with she is an active breed.

[redacted] is now 13 months old. She was just retested after waiting a month after her 4th treatment of the medicine...along with poor [redacted] our now 4 year old cat. [redacted]'s test just came back as positive for TF, again. We are awaiting[redacted]'s test results.

Her eye is STILL super squinty, and always has the left eye squinted shut. Our vet, Dr. [redacted], is now bringing in an eye specialist. I am currently fearful that on top of the Tritrichomonas foetus, that she could very well have a tumor or worse with her eye.

My mom just finally got the courage to write to Susan, basically putting everything on the table, and her response, 5 minutes later "your older cat is from the SPCA, the kitten got it from your older cat".

We are beyond crazed.



Posted by [redacted]
  at 9:48 pm on Aug. 17, 2014




[redacted], I'm Fabian
And I have been screwed over by that bitch. Please reach out to me 915-920-3982


Posted by Fabian
  at 11:50 am on Aug. 19, 2014




I've purchased two sick cats from nightmist.
My first cat, Ahuken had a deformed anus and bowel that they did not tell me about . I noticed it about a week into having him,I asked them about it and they claimed no knowledge. The cat was over 5 months old when I got him. The deformation was very evident. He also had a parasite that caused diarreah and he had a bad cold. The old was so bad he was sneezing up mucus.
He died from a collapsed anus and his bowel burst.
When I talked to Susan about it. She said all he needed was a "common" surgery to remove a blockage in his bowel.
Not true. My cat would have died from his deformation.
Susan talked me into getting another cat and sent me pics fora couple of months. When it came time to get him, she went back on her word and charged me full price for the cat.
I had been contacting other breeders and found a cat in Kelowna. That breeder suddenly didn't respond to my emails. The next day Susan wrote me and told me the cat in Kelowna was not for me. How would she know? It was apparent she had been contacting the other breeders to not sell to me.
I brought Ozzy home when he was four months. I noticed he had an unproductive cough so I took hi to the vet. After X-rays I found out he has asthma. We started medication right away. Then I monitored the at box and he still had diarreah. I took him back to the vet to find out he has colitis!
I feel Susan and graham Marshall are very irresponsible breeders and should be stopped
I'm considering litigation


Posted by Lisa McGill
  at 9:16 pm on Mar. 9, 2015




I have had complaints about this breeder, since two years after she started breeding. I know of 5 other peopel, not listed on this site, that had the same issues, and were offerd no support, no vet bill help, had cats that died of these and more diseases, plus were not given replacement cats. As she only reg. her cats in TICA, and she helps them put on shows, they won't help you. However, if all of these peopel, would file complaints, with copies of their contracts, and vet bills if them have them, or get revords from their vets of what all went on, they could individually, all file complaints against her with CFA, in the USA, and ask that their complaints be sent to the cat welfare review panel. When a breeder has had a ceratin number of complaints against them, CFA in the USA, can then investigate it, as a cat welfare case. By the sounds of it, and if you don't know, she has now added Somalis too, she has so many cats, in such poor living conditions, that they have compromised immune systems, and this cycle will only go on and on.None of this is normal. She does not even follow up with her pet buyers, to see how the cats are doing, nor does she insure, that cats sold as pets, are ever actually altered. It is illegal in Cnnada, and some US States, to sell an animal as a pedigreed, purebred anything, and not supply the registration slip to the new owners, preferably with a copy of the pedigree. Poepel should be looking at the pedigree, before they buy a cat anyway. If you cannot see the cat in it's home environment, don't buy it.

You can likley file in small claims court against her, but in order to put her totally out of this pet mill, you need to complain, with proof, to CFA, and have the lawyer who works for them, get the info he needs. Check out complaints against her on other sites; there is another shortly after this. It is to bad this blog provider forces you to pay to download the info, or I could help these people out more. In addition, be careful what other breeders you speak to her about. You would be surprised how much of this goes on. Sooke, where they lives , is on well-water---no wonder cats had giardia and other parasite, never mind, no one seems to know the number of cats, and have seen the consitons all live in. As an ex-breeder of another breed, how does she always have kittens, but not for poepls, whose cats she shiould be replacing. Does she only give one vaccibination? Do the kittens ever get thevet check they need , before they go? Does anyone know, who her vet is??? If you do, or can get it, find it out, and post it on-line. E.T.
This is the kind of thing that gives all breeders terrible reputations. Look at her contract alone, which someone mailed me. All of it is for her benefit, and not for the protection of the kittens, new owners, or the longterm health of a breed which has mutiple, heritable health issues, some of which are lethal, including, Familial Renal Amyloidosis (no test for it); Pyruvite Kinase Anemia, luxating patellas. The later can often be fixed, but at a cost of likley $2000. A one year genetic guarantee is nothing. E.T. reg. breeder


Posted by E. Thorkelson
  at 2:24 pm on Aug. 14, 2015




I have called TICA and CFA. both sounded very concerned but nothing happened. After learning how dirty their house was , from a friend who went there , I called the SPCA. The. SPCA worker was vague and disinterested.

I love the Abyssinian breed. I truly hope my Ozzy has a long and as healthy life as I can provide him


Posted by Lisa McGill
  at 3:00 pm on Aug. 14, 2015




I have just recently got a kitten from Nightmist. Their cats are beautiful and have fantastic personalities but our kitten had ear mites when he came. Plus he was carrying ringworm. That has been the most devastating. My 19 year old cat got ringworm and now she is in poor health. My yellow lab got is also and one of my other cats is just starting to get it. Oh yes, of course, I got it too. I am so disappointed with this experience. I still have another dog and 2 more cats, crossing my fingers! The treatment has to be given for 3 months!


Posted by Shelley
  at 10:48 pm on Nov. 23, 2015




The vet Susan uses is in the Metro Vancouver area, NOT on Vancouver Island where she lives. She only comes out to do a mass vaccination for kittens, or mass spay/neuter.
The vet is Cloverdale Animal Hospital: 110-17433 10 Hwy, Surrey BC V3S 2X6. I have personally spoke to the that vet himself regarding my cat which I got from Susan and some other disconcerting things he has noticed. He also recommended some tests that our vet used in diagnosing the Tritrichomonas foetus.


Posted by Anonymous
  at 2:10 pm on Nov. 24, 2015




Well I must say, I have read every account written on here and I am just dumbfounded. I literally just got off the phone with Susan about purchasing a cat. She said her house was full of Christmas stuff so I could not go by. She wants me to meet her in the parking lot of Costco to view the kitten ... I was like WTF seriously?... so I got online and did some research. Thankfully I came across this blog?.. Wow I feel like I just dodged a massive headache and financial burden. To all whom have posted thanks for sharing your stories and for Travis? who created this for all of you... I posted this comment just so you all know that I have been waiting for 5 years to adopt an Aby and being on Vancouver Island gravitated towards night mist for my purchase. I will not call her back so this is working, and I suggest if others read this they should post their "almost experience" with Susan and note they did NOT purchase a kitten... I have two kids under 7 and can't imagine torturing them with a kitten who could die at any moment. If all your posts are legit then you should all get together and file a animal abuse complaint against her.

I had a dog for 18 years and lived in Vancouver for 12 of those years and know with absolute you should never go to the money farm that is Cloverdale Animal Hospital. Somewhere along the way they stopped loving animals and started loving paying off multiple mortgages on multiple homes. Why are they serving this beast of a family who does these unspeakable things to cats, kittens and the families expecting to fulfill a very special place in their family? I am so very glad I found this and feel sad today I won't be getting our Aby for Christmas this year after 5 long years of waiting. Who the hell can you get an Aby from is the real question. please email me if you have any ideas on a responsible breeder.
Thanks to everyone and Travis.


Posted by Michael
  at 1:29 pm on Dec. 7, 2015




There is a couple on Vancouver Island. They have GATO BAY ABYSSINIANS. They might not be breeding but they can certainly direct you to a reputable breeder.

I have complained to CFA, TICA and BC SPCA and got nothing out of it.
I would like to see that they do not continue breeding. They ALWAYS have cats for sale so its not selective breeding. They do not record which cat breeds with which cat, at least that's what Susan told me.

Glad you ducked the bullet. Unfortunately a cat is stuck living in horrible conditions.
This is why they need to be stopped.


Posted by Lisa
  at 8:22 am on Dec. 8, 2015




As an owner who just lost their cat because of Susan's immoral practices, I am happy to discuss this matter with anyone. We didn't think anything was amiss when we saw Susan at a show with kittens for sale. She was the show manager. We used to breed and show purebreds many years ago. Oh my how things have changed.
We got our little one a few years ago, and she was sick from the get go, along with odd behavior. After a few rounds of emails and calls with the breeder (basically the breeder saying we and our vet know nothing about anything), and accusing our rescue cat of giving it to the little one, where it's the other way around. My "rescue cat" has a diaphragmatic hernia, and she contracted the TF from the little rescue cat really cannot afford to be sick with her condition. Got her tested and found tritrichomonas foetus, c. diff. and the corona virus. Mostly concerning was the TF. We had her on rounds and rounds and rounds of the medication to no avail. The main side effect neurological issues...which at a whopping 6 lbs soaking wet, it affected her. We had it in remission for a very short time, and wham, it came back worse, and her mental health suffering.
Let's just say, the outcome was not good. My rescue cat is now an only child currently.
I invite anyone to contact me regarding this.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Posted by Anonymous (Redacted)
  at 2:35 pm on Dec. 9, 2015




Update on my Ozzy. He has been sicker as of late. His voice is grovelly and his coughing fits have returned.
The vet said to just increase his steroid and keep him comfortable.

I don't know how I will react if he goes too. I do know I love him with all my heart.

I certainly won't be getting another aby.


Posted by Lisa
  at 7:58 am on Dec. 10, 2015




I am sorry for Ozzy. We too will probably not get another Aby. My mom waited for over 20 years for one. She didn't think bringing one into the mix when we had the Maine Coons would be a good idea way back when...but maybe she should have since we knew one particular breeder incredibly well, and sadly we cannot find her now.
If you want to discuss further, you are welcome to email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Best wishes for Ozzy.


Posted by Anonymous (Redacted)
  at 10:22 am on Dec. 10, 2015




I have contacted the BC SPCA, file # 218575 . Please add your comments directly to the BC SPCA quoting this file number. Its the only way we can save unhealthy cats and kittens.


Posted by Lisa
  at 2:43 pm on Dec. 11, 2015




I have contacted the BC SPCA file # 218575 . Please contact the spca and let them know about your concerns and issues. Somehow we need to save other cats and kittens


Posted by Lisa
  at 2:46 pm on Dec. 11, 2015




We also bought a cat from Susan in summer 2012. Our cat came with ringworm, an eye infection (which recurred a few times requiring multiple treatments), a respiratory infection that permanently damaged his vocal chords, major digestive issues that never went away, diarrhea, and Tritrichomonas. We spent a fortune at the vet and his constant vomiting and littering outside the litterbox was terribly aggravating but we loved him dearly because he had the best temperament. The vet also mentioned that his bite was all messed up- his bottom teeth scissored in front of his top teeth which is the opposite of how they should be. This would be considered a birth defect. We could never keep weight on him because of his constant vomiting but he managed to maintain decent energy even though he was too thin, even for an Abyssinian. Sadly, he was catnapped 4 months ago and we miss him dearly. I have been searching for him and the CRD pound told me that every Abyssinian that they have gotten in there from the breeder in Sooke has been very sick and had major permanent health issues. My two vets that I used said the same. The animal community in Victoria seems to know of the unhealthy Abyssinian cats from Sooke. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have never supported that kind of treatment of cats. Just a note to anyone who is potentially adopting an Abyssinian cat from Susan, the cat will have Tritrichomonas. My vet said that because it is so difficult and expensive to treat, once it is found in a cattery it is nearly impossible to get rid of because every cat has to be treated and you must have 100% treatment success for every cat. That is impossible. The test to detect it with the meds is $400. Treatment was not successful for us but how many times can you retest and retreat?! The meds themselves are dangerous and the cat has to be quarantined during treatment because the meds can make the pet owner sick just by being near the cat!.


Posted by Michelle
  at 7:45 pm on Mar. 11, 2016




It's too bad that the SPCA doesn't take this seriously. I have contacted them several times. They told me they cannot tell a breeder how to breed their cats. I think is horse shit. My Ahuken died a very terrible death that is attributed back to poor breeding. My Ozzy has acute asthma and needs medication every day. A friend bought a cat from Susan and he too has asthma. They all seem to have lovely temperments which was all the SPCA officer seemed concerned about.
A lot of ppl have said, I wouldn't have bought a cat if I had known. But then what kind of life would these cats have if we didn't rescue them one by one? She asks a pretty high price for her cats. So therein lies the rub.


Posted by Lisa
  at 9:41 am on Mar. 12, 2016




Susan and Graham Marshall are disgusting humans. They leach off the state (3 adopted kids, disability, and hoarding cats).... There daughter who ran away from them and got authorities involved told me about the scam her adoptive parents run. Find out more at my website


Posted by Fabian Balderrama
  at 1:07 pm on Mar. 31, 2016




I have been contacted by another breeder to reach out to to make a complaint to get Susan Marshal of Nightmist and Nightrox catteries off the list. As I have offered compelling evidence, they are unwilling to remove Susan until another claim so they can verify it is true and not just a one off.
If anyone can please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to tell your story and submit evidence (contract, vet records etc) then they can put the evidence together and remove Nightmist/Nightrox off the list.
I have been trying to make sure my lil' Nigget's memory has not been for nothing. I want help make it so Susan can no longer pass off kitty's who are suffering due to her negligence.
Please tell your story.


Posted by Anonymous
  at 2:34 pm on Apr. 29, 2016




Can you tell me what information is required?
I'm a bit concerned that you are anonymous


Posted by Lisa
  at 6:24 pm on Apr. 29, 2016




Lisa, I am protecting my identity as Susan follows the blog.
Feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I will explain what is needed and who I am.


Posted by Anonymous
  at 6:32 pm on Apr. 29, 2016




Hi everyone, with shock and disgust I am saddened to read all this. I was on the phone with a lady who also commented here about adopting her still sick cat after 5 years, and as an animal lover, rehabilitator and activist I think its time to do something. I just gave her one star on facebook, she is still running her evil business and she has 12 of 5 star reviews. Please put one star EVERYONE . That would help bring her business down. The second most important thing which I am going to do is, I am going to print all these out and send a file to the SPCA police . I think animal cruelty is happening and it has to end. This is just sickening. People like this are not good people. They od not care about these cats, they only care about the money.


Posted by Katarina Vogt
  at 11:39 pm on May. 30, 2016




I would be happy to send to you my vet file on both Ahuken and Ozzy. The first note by the vet on Ahuken is that he has NO sphincter muscles. He died as a result of his deformity.
You'd think they would have told me. They had the cat for 5 months!
Ozzy, as you've probably read has chronic asthma. He's not the only cat here to have asthma.

I've called the SPCA twice and they did nothing.
I hope your attempt will help.
In the meantime, I've sent all my vet notes to breeder and she will be taking the Marshalls off the list. It's not much but it is a start. Please feel free to contact me


Posted by Lisa
  at 6:50 am on May. 31, 2016




Katarina Vogt:
Both Lisa and I have contacted the BCSPCA, and have file numbers. Although you cannot directly add to someone elses file, you may link your information to another file number by quoting it.
Lisa's file# 218575 & my file# 229293.
We have also successfully Susan removed from It's not much, but at least a small victory.
I am currently looking into who to speak with TICA and the CFA.
You may contact me directly to discuss further: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Posted by Anonymous abyssinian
  at 11:38 am on Jun. 6, 2016




Thanks for helping me dodge
a bullet folks!


Posted by Sylvia
  at 1:43 pm on Jul. 2, 2016




I cannot believe this lady is still in business! She has a facebook page now but it is the same person.
I checked the phone number given on her facebook page and did a reverse lookup. It's the same people, same address. We got our Somali from them about 10 yrs ago. Thankfully she is still with us but no thanks to the breeders. She arrived with Ringworm, infected our other 2 cats and my husband and I. It took us over a year and $3,000 to treat all of us and remediate our house for protection from spores. She also came with some sort of feline virus which still gives her a runny, squinty eye. Treatment for that has not been effective. She pulled the same tricks when we tried to visit her sick etc. We met her husband (with our kitten) in a GAS STATION!! WE were soooo taken in by our wish for a Somali kitten. Her husband screamed at me over the phone when I contacted them. They have this scam down to a fine science and they've been doing it forever. I imagine when this post goes up there will be all kinds of yelling from her supporters...probably herself under different names. My advice...RUN AWAY FROM THIS BREEDER!!!


Posted by channing
  at 2:54 pm on Mar. 28, 2019

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