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Th' CRA Wants Me $$$

posted at 11:49 be
on Feb. 1, 2012

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So, th' CRA finally sent back their assessment o' how much we owe extra fer 2008 and 2009.

We got them all th' paperwork and receipts and all th' other stuff they asked fer in April 2011, and it be January before we got their reply.  Not that I mind, but that’s a long time t' wait fer what we KNEW be goin' t' be bad what What News.

They claim, together o'er those two years, Susie and I actually made about $30,000 morrrr than we said we did, combinin' income they say we didn’t report, and expenses claimed that they be disallowin'.  T' which I replied, “Wow! We’re richer than we think! Call Scotiabank!”

I jest.  But here be some o' th' things they disallowed: 
* unclaimed interest that we actually did claim
* insurance we paid fer, fer reasons I can’t figure out
* that whole bad debt thin' from th' client I sued? yeah, can’t claim that

Then it gets even morrrr bizarre. They disallowed:
* us goin' t' South by Southwest, th' biggest Internet conference in th' U.S. (“This appears t' be a music festival.”)
* Susie goin' t' Kuala Lumpur and Singapore whar Th' winsome lass be paid t' lead a bloggin' trainin' session (“Outside o' yer business geographic location”)
* us goin' t' Boulder t' work wi' our employee Justin (“No evidence that this trip be business related.”)

They also informed us that we (and anyone, really, they aren’t pickin' on us) can only claim two conferences a year accordin' t' tax law.  Any additional conferences be not tax deductible. It’s th' LAW.

Now, I’m not goin' t' badmouth th' CRA here or talk too much about our rebuttals.  But I will say that this feels like th' end product o' a general attitude that th' Canadian government seems t' have overall: namely, that “work” be somethin' best performed at a desk not at a on board, 9-5 and not mixed in wi' other activites, and ye should make Canadian things t' sell t' Canadian people, that travellin' too much and participatin' in a global community o' entrepreneurs and creators be discouraged, and that people who be one role in yer life (lady, dear ol' mum, bless her black soul, brother-in-law) can’t possibly be also somethin' else (business parter, client, employee) legitimately, without there bein' somethin' “fishy” goin' on.

We’ll see what happens now.  First be a rebuttal wi' evidence and logic, then there’s an appeals process.  Stay tuned.



Prrrevious entry:
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'nother entry:
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Best o' luck.


Posted by Jason
  at 4:08 pm on Feb. 1, 2012

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