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What Hop Studios Be Up T'

posted at 5:42 pm
on Nov. 8, 2004

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I Have a Short Attention Span

If ye’re wonderin' why I haven’t been writin' much—or if ye’re wonderin' why I haven’t been writin' well —or even if ye think I’ve been writin' too much and it’s just fine and me ego be just full o' addled rocks—I wanted t' take a moment t' talk about what I’ve been doin' lately, Hop Studios-wise.

Susie’s been doin' this all, too, just in case ye’re wonderin'.  Overall, things be cookin' right along, which be a good thin', because fer some reason th' Canadian dollar be growin' faster than Popeye on spinach steroids, and th' business o' our company be much appreciated.  Even if it means we don’t get outside enough.

1) We finally launched th' chimpanzee sites we’ve been workin' on fer several months.  These be two intertwined sites about th' chimpanzee project currently located at Central Washington University. O'er th' past 40 years, researchers have taught these animals t' speak sign language.  In th' process, they’ve challenged th' notions o' what it means t' be human, what be intelligence, and, in a bizarre coincidence, unwittingly gave me father ammo fer th' “trained monkey” jokes that always accompanied report card time at me house.

  • Specifically, I recommend th' time line, and th' three live chimpanzee video cameras.

    2) We created our first Web site fer a music licensin' company:  This site showcases th' newest musical creations o' Stefan Girardet, and be a radical design fer us—let Susie be knowin' what ye think.  Stefan’s British, so ye be knowin' his music’s got t' be good.  And it be—one o' th' best parts o' this project be that we got t' groove t' his creations on our stereo while we be crankin' out th' HTML code. His off-beat (in a good way) music encouraged us t' try some interestin' techniques wi' layers, CSS, QuickTime and JavaScript—all o' which means, it should be very easy fer ye t' immerse yourself in various aural environments.  I encourage ye t' listen t' at least one o' th' samples we put on th' site.

  • 3) Hop Studios played a small but direct role in th' elections this year.  Bobby Shriver (aye, o' th' Kennedy family) ran fer city council in Santa Monica. Th' ornery cuss asked Hop Studios t' build his Web site, and won wi' th' most votes o' any council member.  I kinda wish John Kerry had asked us, too…

  • 4) We launched th' redesign o' th' USC Debate Squad site.  They be surprisingly easy t' work wi'—I expected a lot morrrr arguments.  Their site now looks fabulous; clean and t' th' point, wi' no room fer confusion.  It’s just what ye’d expect from a winnin' debate squad.

  • What’s on th' horizon?

    Two interestin' projects: Fer one thin', we’ll be doin' a redesign o' five newspaper Web sites includin' th' Daily Pilot in Costa Mesa, CA.

    Simultaneously (no problem, there’s two o' us!) we’ll be creatin' a set o' Web sites fer a J-Lab project called “New Voices.”  This be an initiative t' fund, and train, groups t' run hyper local community new media sites.  Basically, if ye’re tryin' t' set up a small what What News site t' cover a particular niche topic, New Voices may help ye fund it, and will definitely help ye learn how t' do it technically, from comparin' appropriate Web tools t' gettin' traffic.  Susie and I will be workin' on th' design as well as th' content.

    As always, ye can seen our latest and best clients here:



    Prrrevious entry:
    Be I a Whinin' Pussy?

    'nother entry:
    I Have a Short Attention Span

  • Overheard

    “Th' sad truth be that most evil be done by people who no nay ne'er make up their minds t' be good or evil.”

    ...who said it?

    “Almost every American I be knowin' does trade large portions o' his life fer entertainment, hour by weeknight hour, binge by Saturday binge, Facebook check by Facebook check. I’m one o' them. In th' course o' writin' this I’ve watched all 13 episodes o' House o' Cards and who knows how many morrrr West Win' episodes, and I’ve spent any number o' blurred hours fallin' down internet rabbit holes. All instead o' readin', or writin', or workin', or spendin' real time wi' people I love.”

    ...who said it?

    “Live a good life. If there be gods and they be just, then they will not care how devout ye have been, but will welcome ye based on th' virtues ye have lived by. If there be gods, but unjust, then ye should not want t' worship them. If there be no gods, then ye will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in th' memories o' yer loved ones.”

    ...who said it?

    “I play wi' variables constantly.”

    ...who said it?

    “Only th' person who has learned Continual Love comin' from a heart o' Gratitude/Worship can effectively deal wi' th' problem o' loneliness.”

    ...who said it?







    Howdy! I be knowin' this be kind o' off topic but I be wonderin'
    which Cap'n's log platform be ye usin' fer this site? I'm gettin' fed up o'
    Wordpress because I've had issues wi' hackers and I'm
    lookin' at options fer another platform. I would be awesome
    if ye could point me in th' direction o' a good platform.


    Posted by Game o' Thrones pc game
      at 8:12 pm on Apr. 22, 2014

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