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1 Cosmic Coincidence and 3 Updates

posted at 11:28 am
on Jun. 29, 2008

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Maggie’s Broken Leg

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Happy Canada Day!

So I’m in Calgary this weekend.  I went over to the local Mac’s convenience store to get a slurpee and mail a letter, and as I’m in there paying, I put down my cell phone and leave it behind.

I almost never forget my cell phone. Camera, sure, but cell phone, it’s never happened to me before.  I drove back to my mom’s place, realized I forgot it, and headed back to pick it.

I asked the lady at the counter if a cell phone has been turned in, and she says yes, and that I’m very lucky.  I agree.  She says the guy who turned it in is still there, over at the lottery counter filling in tickets.  I walk over to say thank you.

It’s my cousin Craig. Of all the people who could have found my phone, it was him.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve had astounding coincidences.  See this.

I hadn’t planned to see him or anyone else on this trip except for the Sunday breakfast crowd (tangent: I went to Eat! Eat! this morning and it was delicious.) So it was a great collision, and we went for a beer to celebrate.  He’s looking good, and it was awesome catching up with him.

In other news: The house we live in.

There’s been an offer on it.

I don’t know if it sold for $999,000.  I do know that tomorrow there will be a house inspection, and that means that we now have a little more than two months to move out, unless the purchaser wants to keep renting to us, which I doubt.

So now we’re looking really hard for a nice house, 2 to 4 bedrooms somewhere around downtown Vancouver, though we’re ready to move as far out as King Ed, as far east as commercial, but not North Van or Burnaby.

If we can’t find a big enough place, we’ll have to move Hop Studios out of the house.  Which will be a big change, and maybe good and maybe bad.  We’ll see. Or we won’t.

In other news: Maggie’s broken leg.

They kept her overnight at the vet’s for observation.

But I doubt there was anyone there observing her.  I bet I would have observed her more, because I stay up super late, and vets are more like normal people who go to sleep and have regular jobs.

Tangent: I was up until 4:30 a.m. last night, updating my Mom’s new computer and her business computers.  She bought a Toshiba that took, I kid you not, 51 minutes from the time I took it out of the box to the time that I could actually type something from the main screen.

Tangent the second: Before it got to that stage, there was this backup, and this initializing, and it restarted 3 times.  Three times!  I don’t think you can even call it “restarting” if it’s NEVER EVER FULLY BOOTED UP!  Seriously, how can that be a good experience? Windows Vista, bah.

Anyway, back to Maggie. The vet observed that she was fine, and has sent her home in a 4 foot cage to stay in while her leg heals in its leg splint.  She needs to be kept in the cage for 2 weeks.  Which is going to drive Susie batty.

Lastly, my sister is going to Xi’an, China, for a month this August to do volunteer work and then travel for an additional two weeks.  If you have recommendations for what she should see or do while there, let me know.



Previous entry:
Maggie’s Broken Leg

Next entry:
Happy Canada Day!


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