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I’ve been on a leftovers jag the past few days.

For one, I ate the last of the Christmas shrimp.  They were preserved in butter, so clearly were still good to eat.

I ate 1.5 leftover pepperoni sticks; that stuff lasts forever.  Oh, and I had some mushrooms mixed with polenta and cheese.  Mushrooms are fungus so other fungus doesn’t grow on them, out of professional courtesy.

Speaking of which: are mushrooms carbs, protein or fiber?  I’ve never been able to get a straight answer.

Also scavenged form the fridge recently: some homemade caramel, lots of veggies cut up for our New Year’s party, cheese of many varieties, and bean dip.  To go with the bean dip, I opened a fresh bag of chips.  So I am eating some fresh food.

From the freezer, I ate half a bag of REALLY old frozen peas.  With a little butter and garlic powder, and a few minutes in the microwave, it was as though I was only eating old, semi-frozen peas.  They were delicious, though Susie came in to the room and took the peas away from me before I could eat them all.

Of course, the saddest leftover of all that I finally ate the last of, was my treasured Batichoco Vainilla(tm) drink.  It’s a Mexican flavour, and it’s absolutely my favorite mix-into-milk powder.

I first had it on a trip to Mexico with my parents.  We went to Cancun and Cozumel; I still have the unofficial Hard Rock Cafe knockoff T-shirt.

This particular batch, I’ve had for at least five years.  I kept it in a Tupperware container, with the label cut off and store inside, to keep it all fresh.  Susie and I have moved it four times—around Pasadena, up to Canada, and to our latest place.

I don’t often dip into it, and each time I do, I first wonder if I’m being silly to save it, it can’t be THAT good, can it?

Yes.  Yes, it can, it is, it always will be, it’s delicious, it’s superlicious,  it’s not nutricious*, it’s perfect.  I just had a glass, and I’m ready to take on the world, at least for the next 17 minutes, at which point I’ll need to lie down or have another glass.

But I can’t have another glass, because I’m now officially out of Batichoco, and I’m too far away for a midnight run to Tijuana.  Ideas, anyone?

*Near as I can tell, it’s 99% sugar, .9% Silicon Dioxide, and .1% vanilla.  It has absolutely no vitamins or minerals or fiber, and a 25 gram serving has 25 grams of carbs.



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