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Day Trip to Steveston

posted at 2:12 am
on Aug. 24, 2005

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On Saturday, four adults and an itty bitty baby took a journey to Steveston, an ocean-side suburb of Richmond. My good friend Justin was hired to do a write-up of the sleepy community for TimeOut’s upcoming Vancouver guide, and our mission, which I gladly accepted, was to eat a huge amount of fish and chips to determine which ones were best.

In our quest to find the best fish and chip stand, what better place to check than the local fish market.  There was a sign outside advertising tuna for only $3.50 / pound.  Didn’t Canada switch to metric in 1970? Why are they selling tuna by the pound in 2005? Shouldn’t it be kilo-tuna-bites by now?

(I’ll have you know I searched for 15 minutes to find out when Canada “switched” to the metric system.  Some people said Canada switched to metric in 1970.  Others said 1977, one said 1974, many said “the ‘70s,” as though it was all one decade-long, disco-addled cloud of radical measurement-swapping.)

Anyway, $3.50 is pretty cheap—cheaper than gas these days—but it turns out I had to buy a whole frozen fish.  I thought this would have been a pretty good idea, but when I asked Martin about it the next day, he said he’d tried buying a whle tuna once, and he never ate it, but it did make a superb noise when he dropped it eight stories down his apartment’s garbage chute into an empty dumpster.

Also in Steveston, there’s a yarn store, and a cannery that offers expensive tours, and a park- cum- dust-bowl- re-enactment that clearly needs sprinklers in the summer, and a British goods market with some poorly named products.

A lovely young couple was having a wedding picture party; we ran into them several times as we wandered.  Justin was taking pictures with a 2 megapixel camera phone that also did anything else you can imagine a phone doing.  It even works as a flashlight.  Amazing.

Justin and Sue’s 10 week old baby, Tyler, has a champ throughout the whole experience, and weathered the sun and noises and walking around extremely well.  It wasn’t until the ride home that he decided, for what ever reason little babies do, that he needed to YELL AND YELL AND YELL AND YELL.  And then gasp for breath WHILE yelling, and then bup and then YELL AGAIN LOUDER, and then pretend that someone is torturing him with a red hot poker, by yelling.

For more pictures, check out my Flickr photo account here.


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