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Some of you might have noticed, I’ve started posting in yet another place online.  That place is Metroblogging’s Vancouver blog.

I’m joining the illustrious company of dane brown, herbert cruz, jeffery simpson, jenny lee silver, matt musselman, mike hrycyk, oana capota, rod templeton and wynne lock (hello, those joining us from Google!)

Vancouver has a number of city-based blogs, including the grandpappy Urban Vancouver, so some friends have asked, basically, what the hell I’m up to.

Well, to answer the big three questions, I’m not being paid, I don’t get a share of this if it sells for a zillion, and I’m not being blackmailed.

But I do know Sean Bonner, the guy behind this thing, from two years ago.  I like him and what he’s done so far.  And, I like the tone and the pace of these sites.  I asked Sean even before I moved to Vancouver if I could be part of a Vancouver Metblog.  To which he said, basically, “Patience, grasshopper,” because he needed more than just me to get it started.

So before I’d even heard of the other blog sites, I was interested in joining up with this one.  I also knew I didn’t have the time to run a site like this for free, and I didn’t want to jump into the Vancouver blogspace before I knew what the heck “Kits” was. 😊

Most importantly, though, is that I’m joining MetBlogs because there’s a general level of quality and quality that I think is already evident in the postings (see for yourself at ).  I’m not slagging other sites.  But the group blog that most matches my sense of humor, my focus on current events and personalia, and my personal schedule, is Metroblogging.

I think also we’ve seen that Metblogs have no interest in clobbering anyone else—they’re the elephants of the city blog world, meandering along in a group, eating vegetation and generally not getting in a fight with anyone. Sean has a superb quality for picking out and meshing undiscovered talent relevent to whatever he’s currently undertaking.  He’d be a great casting director, if he ever ran out of art projects to work on.

I should let you know—there are no NDAs, no hideous contracts, no non-compete clauses for Metblogging, so I will still be showing my face from time to time on other local sites.  And my own blog will still be the belle of the ball.  But for those of you wondering about the four-one-one, that’s what’s up, doc.


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