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It Has Been a While

posted at 12:01 pm
on Jul. 15, 2003

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It’s been a while, eh.

I have been up late playing video games—as my sister told me recently, “You didn’t just kind of waste time, you actually lost an entire day!”—so I’m not really capable of forming coherent thoughts for more than a sentence, let alone an entire paragraph.

Idea: Write shorter paragraphs!

They say when you come close to death, your whole life flashes before your eyes.  Well, if it does happen to me, I hope it’s as well organized as that nifty two-page summation that you get from the Social Security Administration.  It’s so cool: Oh yeah, that was when I did that summer job, that was when I got my big bonus, that was when I told that Internet startup company that I’d rather have 2,000 more options than a raise.

I still have options in an Internet start-up.  If I don’t sell them by 2009, they disappear.  Current value: about $800.  But I have my fingers crossed!

My sister Staci moved out.  Finally.  She was here almost nine months, and I suddenly understand why pregnant women start acting so antsy around month seven. Enough already! You’re all grown up—get a move on!  Originally, she was going to stay until she found a full-time job, but we sort of missed the launch window, and had to wait for the next celestial alignment.

She left the room a mess, with garbage and dirty socks, and never said thanks or left a note.  In Canada, we call that melting your igloo behind you.  Just kidding; actually, no Canadian has been that rude.

I went and saw a music group recently at The viper Room.  The Viper Room is a place so cool, mostly because someone famous died there once, that the Web site hides their address.  I mean, I looked around for at least ten minutes and couldn’t find it.  I even looked in the directions section, but it felt like they pointed you to the right neighborhood and then figured you could make it from there.

They put a new roof on our house.  Well, one-third of a roof.  We told them just to fix the part where it leaked.  I also got one of those vent things that’s supposed to keep the attic cool, and just in time—temperatures are hovering around 100 (F) in Pasadena these days.

Which is why the outdoor wedding I went to on Saturday night was lovely. It was in the courtyard of a museum in Pasadena, the Pacific Asia Museum.  It was a very fun affair, though I thought people left a little early.  We were there at 7:30, out by 11 p.m., just enough time for drinks and dancing.  Considering it was a 5 minutes drive for us, it was the most convenient wedding in quite some time.

The wedding previous to that, of a high school friend of mine, was on a small island off the coast of British Columbia.  That took 17 hours to get to, via car, shuttle bus, plane, plane, car, ferry, car, ferry and car. I felt like Jacob Two-Two by the end of it.  That wedding was also lovely, and the whole being-stranded aspect made people mingle so by the end of it, we were really comfortable and happy.  Being on vacation does that.

Another perk of going to Vancouver: the combination of ocean proximity and British colonialism meant that fish and chips where everywhere to be found.  I gorged.

There was something else I was going to tell you, but it escapes me now.  I’ll be a better writer, I promise.  Good night.



Previous entry:
My Sister’s Stories

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