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My Graduation Was 17.5 Years Ago.

posted at 1:29 am
on Apr. 20, 2008

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Dear Dad,

Yes, I’m working on a big project this weekend.

But I took a quick break from that to scan in a few old pictures.

Here are the 20 images I have of my high school graduation dance.

It happened in May 1990.

That means my high school graduation dance happened closer to my day of birth than it did to my current age.  Which means, I should probably not be thinking lecherous thoughts about Hayden Panettiere (born in 1989).

Anyhoo, back to the past.

I went to the dance with a girl named Nancy Lee.  I liked her a lot, but we hadn’t been on many dates before that night.  And though nothing went particularly wrong, we never went on another one.

I had a good time, and I am reminded here that I had a good group of friends.  I’m still in touch with Judd and Dave occasionally, and Steph, Roxanne and Paulose are friends of mine on Facebook, whatever that means.

No one knows what happened to Guru.

Do look at the whole set of photos. I especially like the pyramid one.



Previous entry:
No Sale! No Sale!

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Dear Dad,


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