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That Crazy Day…

posted at 8:12 am
on Feb. 28, 2013

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I know I’ve owed you a blog post for a while, but some other pressing personal business got in the way.  I’ve now got a little more time and clarity, so without further delay… I present.. Feb. 12.

1) This Crazy Email Arrived

It’s supposedly from a person that I had a dispute with a while back about my cat, Maggie. You can read about that here and here.

I don’t know who actually sent this to me, and I don’t know what they’re actually referring to, because I really do have no idea what the person is talking about.  But it was an odd email to get.

Comment:  Well Travis you must have had a busy weekend.  I guess it was a long drive to Ferndale to disrup the public cat show.  It was nice of the police to attend and keep an open file on the investigation.  At least when they questioned you you Gave you full name to the authorties.  The police file has now been forwared to the US customs service and may make it interesting crossing the border.

The local RCMP have also been contacted as well as The Ferndale PD as well as the Surry RCMP border division. I would have thought that with such high profile business you would avoid public displays of criminal behavior. Just thought you would like the update

If I were a younger man, I’d probably have called the duty officer at the desk down in Ferndale and tried to figure out what all this was, but I decided that it would simply be easier to wait until I was arrested or not to puzzle it out. 😊

2) This Crazy Phone Call

I told a friend about it in chat… I can’t explain it better any other way, so here you go:

Travis: I got a phone call last night, here at work, around 11 p.m.
Travis: It was from a blocked number.
Travis: The person on the other end of the phone asked if this was Travis, and I said yes, and he said there was a car burning down the block from my house, on Oak.
Travis: And I was like huh?
Travis: And they said, they told me to call you at this number — you live on Oak, right?
Travis: And I’m like, who told you?

Travis: He said, there a car on fire here, and it’s near your house…
Travis: And I said, you mean, like, Oak and King Ed?
Travis: And they said yes and I said, I don’t live near there anymore.
Travis: And I said who gave you this number, and why are you calling me about this fire? (not angry, just really confused)
Travis: and then they hung up.

Travis: How weird is that?
Friend: that is very weird.
Travis: Like.. seriously weird.
Friend: huh
Friend: crazy
Travis: I know.
Travis: So I drove by my old place today, on the way in from breakfast.  And there didn’t seem to be any place where a car had been on fire… I went around the block. And the place is still empty and abandoned.
Travis: It’s so crazy stupid.

3) Some Other Crazy Relationship-y Stuff

Which is not bloggable, despite what the T-shirt I was wear says. But it was a big day, let’s just say that.

4) This Crazy Exploding Ice

Because you are so disappointed I won’t talk about #3, you there with your puppy dog eyes, I’ll tell you a bonus story about this crazy thing that happened in January.

I was sitting in my study nook, chatting and drinking a large gin and tonic which I had poured about half an hour earlier—or at least 20 minutes, I’m positive of that.

It was a fantastic G&T, I must say.  And I had set it on the small side table between sips.  I reached over, picked it up and lifted it to my mouth… and .... CRAAACK!

In the center of the drink, an ice cube Ex-PLO-ded, like, seriously RUPTURED, and the resulting shockwave splashed massive amounts of drink up into my eyes, all over my face and enough to drip all over my shirt. Which is totalyl why I smelled of gin the next day, I swear.

No, but seriously.  It happened.  And the gin and the tonic in my eyes were bad enough, but I’d also gone a little overboard in the lime department because of my concern about scurvy, and that added a whole ‘nother level of stingy-ness to the sudden unwanted eye wash.

I’ve never had ice crack on me like that, and never that long after sitting in a drink, and with such FORCE. It was eerie, and I immediately made myself a fresh drink to steady my nerves, and, you know, for scurvy.

So there you go.  Crazy times.



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