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My Apartment Has Some Odd Taps

posted at 12:01 pm
on Sep. 5, 1999

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Why is it so hard to remember yesterday? I mean, it wasn’t _that_ long ago.  Yet I sit here, exhausted, and all I remember from yesterday is a vague haze of furniture moving.

Today, I got up when Susie called.  She had a little trouble getting a clear circuit from the US, but hit redial a few times and we chatted for about 30 dollars.  After that, I had a bowl of oatmeal, cleaned a few dishes, unpacked a few boxes and organized a bit.

I mused a bit at the odd collection of taps in this apartment.  In the kitchen, the kitchen sink has two big spouts, one with hot, one with cold.  In the bathroom, the shower has only a hot water tap.  The water coming out of the shower is as hot as the hot water is—if you want a shower that doesn’t scald you, the water from the hot water heater has to be turned down.  The washing machine drain spouts directly into the bathtub.  The toilet functions with a pull chain, so that when you flush, it always feels like you’re calling the hired help.

Another tricky bit is that the grill on the stove seems like it same from a different stove—it feels prone to slide off, though it hasn’t yet.

What’s the deal with shelf paper?  Are shelves so ugly? Or prone to spills, is that it?  I don’t get it.  I threw out the shelf paper here.  Also, I threw out this horrible big chain of dried peppers that was hanging over the stove.  I also through out this mutant lava/puke rock thing that was garnish on one of the side tables here.  Pardon my language (puke), but this was a really nasty rock paperweight eye sore.

I did some work for Pressflex, specifying exactly what work needs to be done for version 0.6.  It’s a nasty process, with lots of people having lots of ideas about what needs to be worked on, and the resulting compromise is a lot like the spinach dip I like so much—The final result is tasty, but there’s not a lot of protein there.  That’s a really bad metaphor, isn’t it?  I was talking to Os recently, and tried to structure the proposed process of creating a new feature on our site to the process of getting a bill through congress.  We struggled with it for a minute.  Then I said, wait, why would anyone who had the choice willingly use congress as the model for any process?  We scrapped that.

I called Hanna, and tried to arrange to meet her, but she didn’t know when she’d be free.  I tried called Bazak, but he wasn’t home.  (Bazak is the son of the guy from whom I’m renting this apartment).

Finally, I stopped packing and headed out of the apartment to head over to talk to Os.  We took a moment at the office to think about the gaping huge security hole that Peter pointed out on our server, and then went out to the John Bull Pub.  Yum.

We finished the planning for the Regulator, worked up a Staff DB concept, then I tried to catch the last metro home.

Nope.  Seems that, not only does the last metro stop running before midnight, it stops running even before 11:30.  Well, I walked home and I’ll shoot for 11:15 next time.



Previous entry:
Moving In

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Joining PF in Budapest


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