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Stop Six: Los Angeles

posted at 10:13 pm
on Jan. 10, 2011

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Last stop.

We came to L.A. for two reasons: because I had a court case to settle, and because we had friends to see there.

The good news first: We won our small claims court battle.  Not to hard; the other party didn’t show up. (Yes again.) But this time, we’d done our part right, so, badaboom, bada bing. Winning felt good, but not as good as I’d hoped, because there was no one to stick my tongue out at.

Next, however, I gotta try to get some money out of the client.  That ought to be hard. Bah.

We stayed again at Casa Rauzi, but there had been a little un-communication (i.e. we hadn’t planned very well AT ALL) and so we got a hotel for the first two days we were in town, downtown at the Kyoto Gardens (which was the New Otani, which makes it the Old New Otani, fun eh?)

I was only there for a few days, but Susie stayed a little longer, which meant I only got to hang with Tuzy and Calvin (at a delicious authentic Mexican restaurant), and with Jae and Karin at a fabulous Thai restaurant in Pasadena.

And why, I ask, is it so impossible to find good Thai food in Vancouver? There’s nothing here that even compares to the best Thai places in Los Angeles. I just don’t understand it.

We also had a great sandwich at Philipe’s—and before you say anything: Yes, going to L.A. is really all about eating.

With one exception, that is.  I also went for a ride with Jae in his Mini Cooper, over to Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, a store that sells over 400 kids of soda pop.  It was amazingly impressive—impressively amazing?—and a cheap way to travel around the world (of soda).

The Mini Cooper, by the way, is a really fun car with a kind of crappy user interface. Everything is too bubbly and stubby.  But it looks fun and it’s tiny and fast.  So.

On Monday, I headed back to Vancouver, and Susie went on to one more stop in Calgary.

The vacation.. was at an end.



Previous entry:
Stop Five: Toronto

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They Didn’t Touch My Junk


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