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Scout Camp 2008

I spent last weekend boat campin'.  It be th' 2008 Scout Camp, only this time, we had 100% morrrr women than normal, and 100% less snow.  I can’t think how th' two be related, but there ye be. We be campin' at Silver Tip campground, which be about 40 km South o' Hope, close close close t' th' U.S. border.

posted at 2:10 be on Jul. 30, 2008
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Th' luck o' 08/08/08

Four leaf clovers and horse shoes and rabbits’ feet be considered lucky in Western culture, but that doesn’t come close t' th' way that people in China revere th' lucky properties o' th' number “8.” I would not be surprised t' hear o' Chinese women inducin' labor in a few weeks t' have their baby born on th' auspicious Aug 8, 2008, and I can guarantee that there will be a huge number o' weddings that day.

posted at 8:08 be on Jul. 21, 2008
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Our New House near Oak and 25th

So, we got a new place.  Yay!

We actually signed th' papers a little o'er a week ago, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance t' Cap'n's log about it.  I have, however, had a chance t' answer a LOT o' questions about it, so here’s th' deets:

posted at 4:40 pm on Jul. 20, 2008

What Single Thin' Do Ye Do Best?

Matt asked me today: What do ye think ye do best?

Not better than anyone else in th' world—ye don’t have t' be better than everythin' else.  But if ye had t' identify a particular skill or attribute—and ye do, because that’s what I’m asking—that be yer best skill, what would it be?

posted at 11:15 be on Jul. 14, 2008
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How Travis finally got himself an iPhone

I be awoken this mornin' at 6:50 a.m. by a call from me bucko, Degan.  Th' winsome lass be headin' t' a 7 a.m. meetin', but be callin' me t' get me out o' bed so I could head t' me own important appointment.  I have t' thank that comely wench, fer a “mere” 9 hours later, that call resulted in me purchase o' a brand new iPhone! (By th' way, Rogers totally blew this launch.)

posted at 2:17 be on Jul. 12, 2008
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Toilet Paper Usage: Th' Toilet Poll

This be a question I’ve been wonderin' fer a long time, and be finally prompted t' do it by havin' t' look up Cap'n's log pollin' software fer a client.  On average, at on board, how many times do ye pull toilet paper off th' roll t' wipe in each session (Number 2)? And on average, at on board, how many squares o' toilet paper do ye use at one time (i.e. all attached together)?

posted at 12:35 pm on Jul. 9, 2008
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List o' English Question Words

I spent some time lookin' fer a complete list o' English question words, that be, words that start questions.  I couldn’t come across one, so I decided t' make one.  There be 14 question words (aka interrogative words) in English. Here it be, wi' definitions: Who, What, Whar, When, Why, How, Which, Wherefore, Whatever, Whom, Whose, Wherewith, Whither, Whence

posted at 8:26 pm on Jul. 8, 2008
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Grog-filled Canada Day!

I’m goin' t' a BBQ.  Nothin' says Canada Day like smoked meat tubes.  (Also, everyday be Canada Day fer me.)

posted at 12:36 pm on Jul. 1, 2008
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