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Riding an Ostrich (No, It’s Not a Metaphor)

The highlight of the farm tour was when I got to ride an ostrich.  I stayed on for a good 8 seconds, which means I’d qualify for the ostrich rodeo.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 18, 2001
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Knocking Around Knysna

Knysna is a tourist town on a lagoon with a great waterfront shopping area.  We spent two days here, at the comfort of the St. James, a fabulous hotel where we were one of, if not the only, guests.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 16, 2001
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Storm’s River Mouth—Stunning View

Storms River leaps out from under you as you drive the N2 West along the coast.  On minute you’re cruising flat fields of green beside some short but imposing mountains, the next second you’re whizzing out over a bridge that spans an impossible drop of hundreds of meters down the Storms River.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 15, 2001
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Blesbok on My Breath

We leave the conference. By 3 p.m. we’d arrived at Shamwari, a private game park and hotel.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 14, 2001
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The Young Man and the Coelacanth

The coolest thing I saw on Thursday, though, was the coelacanth, a huge prehistoric fish of which only a few specimens have been caught.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 13, 2001
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Producing for multiple platforms

Tips on getting the most from your content with the least amount of work—I gave this talk at the Highway Africa 2001 conference in Grahamstown, South Africa, in September 2001.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 12, 2001
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It was like a dream…

I had the strangest dream last night.  It went on and on, I couldn’t make it stop. It was about something bad happening in New York.

posted at 12:07 pm on Sep. 11, 2001
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Charging for Content - Case Study of the Subscription Model at

A presentation I made at Highway Africa: Variety was among the first of a group of newspapers that have recently switched to a full subscription model.  In addition, since the day launched in 1998, it had a partial subscription model—it charged for some of its articles.  Is Variety’s model an example for the rest of the industry? Maybe not—there’s a number of a differences between this trade publication and a general interest newspaper.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 11, 2001
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The Conference in Grahamstown

After two weeks in Africa,  I know two things. They like their tea and they like their gin and tonic. And the conference is going well.

posted at 12:07 pm on Sep. 10, 2001
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Locusts and other South African Observations

The first thing I noticed about Grahamstown, South Africa, it the locust infestation.  It made for an interesting online journalism conference.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 10, 2001
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The Clip You’ve Heard About

Here’s a Real Video file of me and Brat Pitt, mano e mano, as broadcast on the TV show Jackass on MTV.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 6, 2001
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A New Career Opportunity

After successfully performing a wedding ceremony (5 days later, they’re still married), I contemplate a second career.

posted at 12:01 pm on Sep. 1, 2001
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