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“Be it true that ye do th' art fer (me favourite) band Opeth? I heard th' covers be done by Travis Smith great art lubber I’m an artist too but thats awesome. Please email me back! Please.”

posted at 10:12 pm
on Oct. 28, 2003

who said it?

“Ye answer yer own phones?!”

posted at 2:07 pm
on Oct. 28, 2003

who said it?

“We cannot write off that imagery be not important. It’s why in some countries, poets be thrown into prison. Words have so much power.”

posted at 10:11 pm
on Oct. 26, 2003

who said it?

“Autoreply from th' Institute o' Time Travel Research: I be out o' th' office Tuesday, Oct. 1. I will return Tuesday, Oct. 1.”

posted at 1:38 be
on Oct. 26, 2003

who said it?

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