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” ‘The Lord of the Rings’ has sold only 20,000 DVDs in Hungary yet there are 700,000 DVD players in the country.”

posted at 2:52 pm
on Jun. 29, 2004

who said it?

“Re-evaluate your plans for long-term success.”

posted at 12:47 am
on Jun. 29, 2004

who said it?

“Foreign policy is not theology.”

posted at 8:33 pm
on Jun. 28, 2004

who said it?

“The most important thing ... is to get the consumer’s trust.”

posted at 12:59 pm
on Jun. 24, 2004

who said it?

“It may be tantamount to a hundred-year war.” “

posted at 1:37 pm
on Jun. 16, 2004

who said it?

“The [news site] is an institution developed by modern civilization to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, to inform and lead public opinion, and to furnish that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide.”

posted at 10:38 pm
on Jun. 15, 2004

who said it?

“I just have my fingers crossed that my girlfriend gets her blog back. She feels like someone just sucked out her brains. I don’t get it, it’s just an online journal, right? But she feels like her entire life has been stolen.”

posted at 5:33 pm
on Jun. 15, 2004

who said it?

“He talked about how hard it is to get the truth out in Republican Washington: ‘If you agree with the neocons you’re a genius. If you disagree you’re a traitor.’ Bush, he said, was closing ranks, purging anyone who wasn’t 100% with him. Said Tenet has a child in bad health, has heart problems, and seemed to find him generally a decent guy under unimaginable pressure, and that people told him that Tenet feared a heart attack if he had to take one more grilling from Cheney. ‘When these guys memoirs come out, it will shock all of us.’”

posted at 11:06 pm
on Jun. 12, 2004

who said it?

“I wasn’t so sure I wanted to see Shrek 2. I really don’t like seeing cats wearing shoes.”

posted at 11:05 pm
on Jun. 12, 2004

who said it?

“The security disparity between the Mac and Windows isn?t so much about technical possibilities as it is about what people will tolerate. And Mac users don?t tolerate shit.”

posted at 11:53 pm
on Jun. 11, 2004

who said it?

“[In 2034,] I’ll own a computer that runs at 3 PHz CPU speed, has a petabyte of memory, half an exabyte of harddisk-equivalent storage, and connects to the Internet with a bandwidth of a quarter terabit per second.”

posted at 1:58 am
on Jun. 11, 2004

who said it?

“I started out as an ambitious young woman inspired by politics and the media. I’ve ended up disenchanted with both. ...  It may be only a minor footnote to the campaign, but it has changed my life completely.”

posted at 12:15 pm
on Jun. 10, 2004

who said it?

“?Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over 18. Must be expert riders willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages $25 a week. Apply Central Overland Express.?”

posted at 11:45 am
on Jun. 1, 2004

who said it?

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