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“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

posted at 8:12 am
on Oct. 31, 2010

who said it?

“The most valuable thing I have learned from life is to regret nothing”

posted at 4:22 pm
on Oct. 30, 2010

who said it?

“To fall in love is easy, even to remain in it is not difficult; our human loneliness is cause enough. But it is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be.”

posted at 8:12 am
on Oct. 30, 2010

who said it?

““If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

posted at 11:59 am
on Oct. 29, 2010

who said it?

“A man who has committed a mistake & doesn’t correct it, is committing another mistake”

posted at 5:59 pm
on Oct. 28, 2010

who said it?

“Never trust any ruler who puts his faith in tunnels and bunkers and escape routes.  The chances are that his heart isn’t in the job.”

posted at 11:09 am
on Oct. 26, 2010

who said it?

“The trilling wire in the blood/sings below inveterate scars/appeasing long-forgotten wars.”

posted at 1:33 pm
on Oct. 25, 2010

who said it?

“It is always wrong to wield power if you are not prepared to accept the consequences for your actions and do the work it takes to use your strength and authority with precision and fairness. A good leader is many people’s servant. lf being trained to become a perfect servant sounds too humiliating, you are not strong enough to withstand the temptations of wielding power.”

posted at 11:29 pm
on Oct. 23, 2010

who said it?

“Why is the world so confusing? he said & I said it’s only confusing if you believe it has to make sense & he looked at me & shook his head.”

posted at 11:29 pm
on Oct. 23, 2010

who said it?

“Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.”

posted at 5:43 am
on Oct. 19, 2010

who said it?

“In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.”

posted at 1:01 am
on Oct. 19, 2010

who said it?

“Talk not of wasted affection; affection never was wasted.”

posted at 11:48 am
on Oct. 18, 2010

who said it?

“Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped”

posted at 10:48 pm
on Oct. 17, 2010

who said it?

“Young people don’t know anything, especially that they’re young.”

posted at 2:02 pm
on Oct. 9, 2010

who said it?

“Love is a skill.”

posted at 3:20 pm
on Oct. 7, 2010

who said it?

“In Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace - and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”

posted at 2:51 pm
on Oct. 5, 2010

who said it?

“The life that you are seeking you will never find. When the gods created man they allotted to him death, but life they retained in their own keeping.”

posted at 10:36 am
on Oct. 5, 2010

who said it?

“The windmill is evil and has to be stopped.”

posted at 3:38 pm
on Oct. 4, 2010

who said it?

“Google policy is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”

posted at 2:51 pm
on Oct. 4, 2010

who said it?

“The result of negotiation is a contract, and contracts provide no protection for the weaker/poorer party signatory to it. ... Contractual protections are only enforceable by the application of money, lawyers, courts and time… For this reason I don’t use contracts in any professional dealings, and I am convinced this is the best way to maintain transparent and amicable relationships.”

posted at 7:05 pm
on Oct. 1, 2010

who said it?

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