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“It is my opinion, with my family for sure, they have too much guilt over their own conduct to come to grips with who they are truly hurting.”

posted at 10:53 am
on May. 31, 2006

who said it?

“Life is so damn valuable and so totally miraculous, and they give you such a stingy little hunk of it from womb to tomb, you ought ot use all the parts of it there are.”

posted at 4:15 pm
on May. 25, 2006

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“I ... then found out that the management had thoughtfully provided one of those warm air tubes for the drying bit, the special kind that leave you feeling coated with grease instead of with water.  Small children think they are fun.  Every adult in the land hates them. They are part of the international communist conspiracy.  A nation forces to dry itself in a machinated huff of sickly warm air is going to be too irritable, listless, disheartened to fight.”

posted at 4:12 pm
on May. 24, 2006

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“If there was one sunset every twenty years, how would people react to them? If there were ten sea shells in all the world, what would they be worth? If people could make love just once a year, how carefully would they pick their mates?”

posted at 4:09 pm
on May. 23, 2006

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“Good things come to those who blog.”

posted at 5:41 pm
on May. 17, 2006

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“I think the secret to happiness to to care a lot about people who care about you, and to not care too much about anything else.”

posted at 1:15 am
on May. 12, 2006

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“I believe that it was the first counter-attack to World War III. It was unbelievably heroic of those folks on the airplane to recognise the danger and save lives.”

posted at 11:54 pm
on May. 7, 2006

who said it?

“Take this blog, for example. I could afford to pay an editor to correct all of my writing before all of you nitpickers notice that I can’t spell common words. Or I could save that money via a process that I call “not giving a shit.” Ka-ching!”

posted at 9:49 pm
on May. 7, 2006

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