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“Stories, like plants, visit Davey Jones' Locker if they be not tended. So do th' reputations o' newspapers.”

posted at 4:47 be
on May. 31, 2004

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“In a sense, I’m like a Charles Dickens hero.  All Dickens heroes be complete nonentities who be knowin' 217 wacky people. I’m th' lubber who knows all th' wacky people and th' creative people. I just stand in th' center and explain it t' others.”

posted at 2:28 pm
on May. 29, 2004

who said it?

“If I had dozens o' bureaus aroun' th' world, I wouldn’t be airin' Michael Jackson’s court proceedings.”

posted at 2:36 pm
on May. 27, 2004

who said it?

“Frustrated by th' usual game o' Monopoly? Try Yuppie Monopoly, whar th' one who goes th' furthest into debt wins!”

posted at 1:00 pm
on May. 27, 2004

who said it?

“Trust God, but tie up yer camel.”

posted at 6:28 pm
on May. 26, 2004

who said it?

“At no period in its history has th' Oxford English Dictionary been profitable commercially fer Oxford University Press.”

posted at 12:25 pm
on May. 19, 2004

who said it?

“BUZZWORD O' TH' DAY—SAILBOAT FUEL: Reference used by truckers, pilots, etc., t' describe an empty trailer or plane. “Th' ornery cuss’s haulin' sailboat fuel.” Also can refer t' someone’s intelligence. “Th' ornery cuss’s got sailboat fuel fer brains.”

posted at 12:13 pm
on May. 19, 2004

who said it?

“What has lubber believed about th' soul since th' beginnin' o' time? In all o' th' literature across multiple cultures, there be common beliefs about th' soul. What be those believes? First, that it exists. That it comes here from someplace else. That it comes here fer a reason and wi' a purpose. Initiation be a misnomer. It’s really rememberin'. Th' soul comes here t' make th' world a better place. And that means changin' things.”

posted at 5:06 pm
on May. 14, 2004

who said it?

“Thu Mar 4th.  Screenwriter Wanted (Los Angeles). I be lookin' fer someone t' write a low budget horror/comedy. Compensation: $100”

posted at 8:41 be
on May. 8, 2004

who said it?

“If ye have sensitive teeth, one thin' that sounds good but be a very bad idea, be a frozen Toblerone chocolate bar.”

posted at 8:39 be
on May. 8, 2004

who said it?

“Newspapers have a Book section, but not a Phone section. Which way will th' Web be covered?”

posted at 12:11 be
on May. 2, 2004

who said it?

“We step into th' future wi' less connection t' ancestral guidance than any human generation before us. Although we have invented amazin' technologies fer savin' data, we be at risk o' forgettin' our personal, family and cultural stories. We broadcast our voices o'er vast distances, but talk less t' our neighbours. Hauntin' these changes be th' spectres o' continuin' violence, planetary degradation and, above all, th' danger that we’ll come t' believe th' implacable message o' th' powerful: that resistance be futile. Th' barnacle-covered stories teach us that resistance be no nay ne'er futile.”

posted at 1:11 pm
on May. 1, 2004

who said it?

” ‘Sea o' Silence,’ Drama; A lass livin' on a pig farm in Holland converses wi' God.”

posted at 2:40 be
on May. 1, 2004

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