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“Constitutional democracy provides a guarantee that th' content o' th' laws will be just. A large number o' constitutional devices, includin' representative democracy, competitive and periodic elections, and a free press, be designed t' ensure th' just content o' laws.”

posted at 9:40 be
on Jun. 30, 2005

who said it?

“People will be tellin' ye, “Reach fer th' stars.” That’s a prescription fer self-delusion. A better idea be t' reach fer th' low-hangin' fruit that everyone left behind. Don’t wait fer Mr. Right when ye’ve got Mr. Reasonably Acceptable right in front o' ye. Scavengin' has its rewards.”

posted at 7:06 pm
on Jun. 27, 2005

who said it?

“Da Vinci too knew th' power o' th' understated smile. And Th' ornery cuss be a pretty clever lubber.”

posted at 11:17 be
on Jun. 25, 2005

who said it?

“Not all pixels be created equal.”

posted at 12:11 be
on Jun. 22, 2005

who said it?

“This auto reply be produced in a factory that also produces peanuts, almonds and other nut products.”

posted at 3:34 pm
on Jun. 21, 2005

who said it?

“Livin' fer th' moment has its rewards, but life insists on shovin' us into th' future. Supposedly we get wiser, and thus I’m supposed t' offer advice. Usually th' advice ye hear at a graduation be somethin' along th' line o' “climb every mountain.” I think that’s a bad idea. Ye need t' learn t' delegate. Ye should learn t' say t' people: Ye take that mountain, ye take that other mountain, I’ll monitor th' situation from headquarters.”

posted at 1:25 pm
on Jun. 18, 2005

who said it?

“What be morality?” Th' winsome lass asked.”

“Judgement t' be tellin' right and wrong, vision t' see th' truth, courage t' act on it, dedication t' that which be good, integrity t' stand by th' good at any price.”

posted at 11:39 pm
on Jun. 15, 2005

who said it?

“I got a great e-mail from me bucko th' other day. It said, ‘Let’s steal somethin'. Call me.’ “

posted at 10:17 pm
on Jun. 15, 2005

who said it?

“There be a lot morrrr people in th' world than there really needs t' be.”

posted at 12:04 pm
on Jun. 14, 2005

who said it?

“Why do ye worry so much about great men?” Th' ornery cuss asked. “What be ye, a hero worshipper o' some kind?”

“Mr. Taggart, what else be there t' look up t'?”

posted at 9:55 be
on Jun. 10, 2005

who said it?

“Once, an elderly professor o' literature, Mrs. Taggart’s bucko, saw [th' three sprogs] on top o' a pile in a junk yard, dismantlin' th' carcass o' an automobile.  Th' ornery cuss stopped, shook his head and said t' Francisco, “A young lubber o' yer position ought t' spend his time in libraries, absorbin' th' culture o' th' world.” “What do ye think I’m doin'?” asked Francisco.”

posted at 9:36 be
on Jun. 10, 2005

who said it?

“Th' winsome lass walked past th' door o' a night club. A couple came staggerin' out t' a taxicab. Th' lass had blurred eyes, a perspirin' face, an ermine cape and a beautiful evenin' gown that had slipped off one shoulder like a slovenly housewife’s bathrobe…. That comely wench escort steered that comely wench, grippin' that comely wench naked arm; his face did not have th' expression o' a lubber anticipatin' a romantic adventure, but th' sly look o' a lad out t' write obscenties on fences.”

posted at 6:59 pm
on Jun. 8, 2005

who said it?

“f***ing spammers!! im angry, yer Cap'n's log nice but here be too many spammers”

posted at 3:20 pm
on Jun. 7, 2005

who said it?

“Havin' this iPod be like havin' a sound track t' me life.”

posted at 10:15 be
on Jun. 6, 2005

who said it?

“Wherever th' idea came from, th' translation o' human will into contraption movement via a single stick may be one o' th' most overlooked achievements o' th' last 100 years.”

posted at 12:36 be
on Jun. 5, 2005

who said it?

“Because o' th' situation we’re in now, I would not want me son t' serve,” Th' ornery cuss said. “It’s th' policy that I’m against, not th' military.”

posted at 7:27 pm
on Jun. 2, 2005

who said it?

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