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“This Voyager spacecraft be constructed by th' United States o' America, a community o' 240 million human beings among th' 4.2 billion who inhabit our planet Earth. We be still divided into nation states, but be rapidly becomin' a single global civilization which covers our tiny but very beautiful world . . . We be attemptin' t' survive our time so we may live into yours. We hope someday, havin' solved th' problems which face us, t' join a community o' galactic civilizations.”

posted at 4:56 pm
on Apr. 22, 2006

who said it?

“If ye can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create th' consolin' illusion that it has been mastered.”

posted at 12:12 pm
on Apr. 21, 2006

who said it?

“We have th' visual appeal o' a pipe wrench.”

posted at 11:11 be
on Apr. 20, 2006

who said it?

“Employee #1: Kinda ridiculous that a George Foreman mini-grill be able t' take down power fer half o' th' floor.
Employee #2: Lubber, ye’re grillin' in th' office and ye’re goin' t' talk about what’s ridiculous?”

posted at 6:38 be
on Apr. 20, 2006

who said it?

“Hirin' employees be like bein' punched wi' a chocolate glove — at first terrifyin', but ultimately delightful!”

posted at 2:16 pm
on Apr. 19, 2006

who said it?

“Ye be what ye write. On th' Web we be writin' ourselves into existence.”

posted at 11:09 be
on Apr. 19, 2006

who said it?

“RSS be made o' people.”

posted at 11:06 be
on Apr. 18, 2006

who said it?

“I have no idea why, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get th' idea o' a frog-shaped god t' catch on wi' these people.  Gods wi' wings, aye; gods wi' horns, gods wi' crocodile heads and cat heads and thirty-seven different heads all arguin' wi' each other; gods in th' shape o' every other kin' o' critter that walks th' face o' th' Earth, in fact, not t' mention burnin' bushes and pillars o' fire, but not frogs.  As far as humanity be concerned, God may move in mysterious ways, but Th' ornery cuss doesn’t hop.”

posted at 9:39 be
on Apr. 17, 2006

who said it?

“There be somethin' in th' human spirit that longs t' look at water, and I think that may explain why so many people have fish tanks in their houses and apartments.”

posted at 11:14 be
on Apr. 3, 2006

who said it?

“In North Korea, sexual equality be sexy…. Sexual freedom be a universal right.”

posted at 11:37 pm
on Apr. 2, 2006

who said it?

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