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“It be me opinion, wi' me family fer sure, they have too much guilt o'er their own conduct t' come t' grips wi' who they be truly hurtin'.”

posted at 10:53 be
on May. 31, 2006

who said it?

“Life be so damn valuable and so totally miraculous, and they give ye such a stingy little hunk o' it from womb t' tomb, ye ought ot use all th' parts o' it there be.”

posted at 4:15 pm
on May. 25, 2006

who said it?

“I ... then found out that th' management had thoughtfully provided one o' those warm air tubes fer th' dryin' bit, th' special kind that weigh anchor ye feelin' coated wi' grease instead o' wi' water.  Small sprogs think they be fun.  Every adult in th' land hates them. They be part o' th' international communist conspiracy.  A nation forces t' dry itself in a machinated huff o' sickly warm air be goin' t' be too irritable, listless, disheartened t' fight.”

posted at 4:12 pm
on May. 24, 2006

who said it?

“If there be one sunset every twenty years, how would people react t' them? If there be ten sea shells in all th' world, what would they be worth? If people could make love just once a year, how carefully would they pick their mates?”

posted at 4:09 pm
on May. 23, 2006

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“Good things come t' those who Cap'n's log.”

posted at 5:41 pm
on May. 17, 2006

who said it?

“I think th' secret t' happiness t' t' care a lot about people who care about ye, and t' not care too much about anythin' else.”

posted at 1:15 be
on May. 12, 2006

who said it?

“I believe that it be th' first counter-attack t' World War III. It be unbelievably heroic o' those folks on th' flyin' contraption t' recognise th' danger and treasure lives.”

posted at 11:54 pm
on May. 7, 2006

who said it?

“Take this Cap'n's log, fer example. I could afford t' pay an editor t' correct all o' me writin' before all o' ye nitpickers notice that I can’t spell common words. Or I could treasure that doubloons via a process that I call “not givin' a shit.” Ka-chin'!”

posted at 9:49 pm
on May. 7, 2006

who said it?

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