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“E'er heard o' someone who fucked up a database and didn’t get into trouble? Me neither.”

posted at 11:49 be
on Mar. 30, 2007

who said it?

“Th' biggest disease today be not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather th' feelin' o' bein' unwanted.”

posted at 10:45 be
on Mar. 28, 2007

who said it?

“Me nephew asked what I do fer a livin', and I told that scurvey dog I write e-mails. “

posted at 4:53 pm
on Mar. 27, 2007

who said it?

“Th' only difference betwixt a rut and a grave be their dimensions.”

posted at 10:43 be
on Mar. 27, 2007

who said it?

“In th' 1960s, baboons be thought t' be th' key t' understandin' human evolution because th' only major apparent difference betwixt baboons and humans, be that humans hunt and baboons don’t. Huntin' be thought t' be th' crucial skill which made us human. Unfortunately fer this theory, it be then discovered that baboons do, in fact, hunt. Baboons be no longer thought t' be a useful model fer understandin' humans.”

posted at 1:38 be
on Mar. 26, 2007

who said it?

Work be kind o' like rain. Ye only comely wench it when ye go a long time without it.

posted at 7:24 pm
on Mar. 23, 2007

who said it?

“They’re like th' bones o' me yogurt.”
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posted at 1:45 pm
on Mar. 22, 2007

who said it?

“Twitter without IM be like a sundae without chocolate sauce: not as good, but still bad fer ye.”

posted at 1:45 pm
on Mar. 21, 2007

who said it?

“In th' End, we will remember not th' words o' our enemies, but th' silence o' our maties.”

posted at 4:47 pm
on Mar. 8, 2007

who said it?

“This book fills a much-needed gap.”

posted at 4:46 pm
on Mar. 7, 2007

who said it?

“Victory goes t' th' player who makes th' 'nother-t'-last mistake.”

posted at 4:45 pm
on Mar. 6, 2007

who said it?

“There appears t' be no compellin' technical or business case fer upgradin' t' these new Microsoft software products [Vista, Office 2007, or IE7].”

posted at 11:22 be
on Mar. 5, 2007

who said it?

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