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“I’m enjoyin' th' summer th' way I enjoy a dirty movie—it’s nice, but it would be a lot better if I be able t' be a part o' it.”

posted at 3:08 pm
on Jul. 27, 2007

who said it?

“Warnin'! Yer reputation could be disabled. Ye be usin' this feature t' spam other users. Continued misuse o' Facebook’s features will result in yer reputation bein' disabled. If ye have any questions or concerns, ye can launch a flare us at from yer board address.”

posted at 9:27 be
on Jul. 6, 2007

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“I’m not even sure if we have a collective consciousness in Canada. I can hate hockey and yet I be just as Canadian as a face-paintin', flag-wavin' hockey fanatic. If nothin' else, at least Canada be a place whar we respect and celebrate our differences.”

posted at 11:06 be
on Jul. 3, 2007

who said it?

“tellin' me about expression engine be one o' th' nicest things anyone has e'er done fer me.”

posted at 12:47 be
on Jul. 1, 2007

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