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“Lassies be so queer ye no nay ne'er be knowin' what they mean. They say No when they mean Aye, and sail a lubber out o' his wits fer th' fun o' it.”

posted at 2:34 be
on Jul. 30, 2008

who said it?

“Everythin' in th' world began wi' a aye. One molecule said aye t' another molecule and life be born. But before prehistory there be th' prehistory o' prehistory. and there be th' no nay ne'er and there be th' aye.”

posted at 2:23 be
on Jul. 30, 2008

who said it?

“What be this life if, full o' care,
We have no time t' stand and stare.”

posted at 2:32 pm
on Jul. 29, 2008

who said it?

“Th' U.S. savings rate, which exceeded 8 percent o' disposable income in 1968, stood at 0.4 percent at th' end o' th' first quarter o' this year, accordin' t' th' Bureau o' Economic Analysis.”

posted at 9:23 be
on Jul. 28, 2008

who said it?

“Th' superior lubber contains th' means in his own person. Th' ornery cuss bides his time and then acts. Why then should not everythin' go well? Th' ornery cuss acts and be free. Therefore all Th' ornery cuss has t' do be t' go forth, and Th' ornery cuss takes his quarry. This be how a lubber fares who acts aft Th' ornery cuss has ready th' means.”

posted at 12:02 pm
on Jul. 21, 2008

who said it?

“Greatness be only a matter o' will.  It be th' end result o' patience, determination, direction and strength.”

posted at 1:23 be
on Jul. 20, 2008

who said it?

“kindergarchy n. Rule or domination by sprogs; th' belief that sprogs’s needs and preferences take precedence o'er those o' their parents or other adults.”

posted at 12:38 pm
on Jul. 18, 2008

who said it?

“Th' Northeast Blackout affected 50 million people and zero

PEER 1 customers. Come across out why.”

posted at 8:33 pm
on Jul. 14, 2008

who said it?

“As in 2007, th' average U.S. worker has 14 vacation days this year. Just across th' Canadian border, our counterparts get an average o' 17 vacation days annually. But if ye want a real “vacation envy” complex, consider th' vacation banks o' European workers. France tops th' list wi' an average o' 37 days, followed by Italy (33 days), Spain (31), th' Netherlands and Austria (28), Germany (27) and Great Britain (26). “

posted at 10:20 be
on Jul. 10, 2008

who said it?

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