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“If God didn’t want women to be looked at, He would have made ‘em ugly—that’s reasonable, isn’t it? God isn’t a cheat; He set up the game Himself—He wouldn’t rig it so the marks can’t win, like a flat joint wheel in a town with a fix on. He wouldn’t send anyone to Hell for losing in a crooked game. All right! God wants us to be Happy and He told us how; ‘Love one another!’ ... And by ‘Love’ He didn’t mean namby-pamby old-maid love that’s scared to look up from a hymn book for fear of seeing temptation of the flesh. If God hated flesh, why did He make so much of it? ... When God told us to love, He wasn’t holding out a card on us; He meant it. Love little babies that always need changing and love strong, smelly men so that there will be more babies to love—and in between go on loving because it’s so good to love!”

WHO? Robert A. Heinlein

posted at 11:04 pm
on Nov. 30, 2010





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