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“The new porn ... [is] anything people are ashamed to get a kick out of…”

WHO: Nora Ephron
THE FULL QUOTE: Before going further, I should define what I mean by porn in this context: it’s anything people are ashamed to get a kick out of…The new porn has nothing to do with dirty pictures. It’s simply about money…How can you write about the perfect ice cream cone or the perfect diet cola or the perfect philodendron when millions of people have never seen a freezer, suffer from sugar deficiencies, and have no home to put potted plants in? How can you publish a magazine whose motto is “Let them eat cheesecake?” Well, you can. And thousands of people will buy it. But don’t give away the game by going too far…your readers will write in to accuse you of terminal decadence. And when this happens, what will be truly shocking will not be the accusation-which will be dead on-but the fact it took them so long to get the point.
FROM WHERE: A great quote page

posted at 3:51 pm
on Jan. 7, 2004





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