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Los Angeles Times: Bono for the World Bank presidency

That would ROCK! Also, we wouldn't have to worry about another fading music group.

posted at 7:12 pm
on Feb. 28, 2005


Boxes and Arrows: Ads Are Here To Stay: Planning For Ad Placement

A nice overview.

posted at 6:58 pm
on Feb. 28, 2005


Sadly, Cedric Menard, the developer of the Mac iTunes-extender, Sofa, died recently

If his software had been open-source, it could have carried on in perpetuity. As it is, my most-loved iTunes add-on will now eventually have to be replaced. The site is already down, for "legal reasons," says his site's host, which I fully understand. It's especially sad, because whenever I used Sofa, I thought about Cedric, with whom I'd emailed. Few software developers think about this horizon when they decide how to license their work, but I think it's worth pondering.

posted at 6:56 pm
on Feb. 28, 2005


The Dummies company has 194 books already scheduled for 2005

They include: Divorce For Dummies, Cooking For Crowds For Dummies, Exercise Balls for Dummies, the enigmatic Training for Dummies and my personal favorite, Einstein For Dummies.

posted at 1:47 pm
on Feb. 28, 2005

Permalink Books: Candy Making For Dummies

I'm surprised Susie didn't write this book...

posted at 1:38 pm
on Feb. 28, 2005


A very fun flash game, if you can get over the idea that the goal is to kill someone with your mount

My personal record: 419.90 meters, which is approximately 22,200 meters short of the all-time record.

posted at 12:20 am
on Feb. 26, 2005


PostSecret: An interactive art project

I have no secrets from you, dear reader -- only little untruths.

posted at 3:16 am
on Feb. 22, 2005


EV1 supporters rally to stop GM from crushing the few remaining electric cars it manufactured

So most other 'green' cars have waiting lists, and GM is destroying its electric cars. Hmmmm.

posted at 12:11 am
on Feb. 22, 2005


Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger

Brought to you by the Aylward family, I think.

posted at 8:42 pm
on Feb. 21, 2005


Dave’s wonderful photographs of tropical fruit

I'm totally jealous. And hungry.

posted at 1:02 pm
on Feb. 21, 2005

Permalink writer Steve Hendrix offers hope (or dismay) to bad spellers everywhere in this l

It's very interesting, especially if you've ever known a bad speller.

posted at 10:14 am
on Feb. 21, 2005


Something new to do this weekend… naked dining in N.Y.

Even more reason not to order anything spicy.

posted at 1:02 am
on Feb. 21, 2005


Mobile PC lists the Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

I found myself getting a little teary-eyed at some gadget memories. No, really, I did.

posted at 12:24 am
on Feb. 21, 2005


Wikinews has an interesting debate about whether the crossword belongs on a news site

Why does everyone want to try to be a newspaper online?

posted at 9:53 pm
on Feb. 20, 2005


A glimpse into the high-powered world of blog software strategic development

I think some of the users drink, too.

posted at 3:51 pm
on Feb. 18, 2005


Improv Everywhere set up an impromptu bathroom attendent at the Times Square McDonald’s

Much fun was had by all, it seems.

posted at 3:47 pm
on Feb. 18, 2005


Do you speak Japanese? Maybe you can explain this cowboy song to me.

It's a fascinating little glimpse.

posted at 7:08 am
on Feb. 18, 2005

Permalink says a tri-country commission met to discuss plans to create a unified North America

Here's a hint: None of the money has a moose on it, that's for damn sure.

posted at 10:34 pm
on Feb. 17, 2005


Sitepoint tells you: How to Hire a Web Designer

Rarely will you find a good Web designer by looking on the cork board at the local coffee shop.

posted at 7:45 pm
on Feb. 16, 2005


If you love kittens, Fatboy Slim has a music video for you

If you don't like kittens, George Bush will come invade you, so you better start liking them. I'm really not kidding.

posted at 5:58 pm
on Feb. 15, 2005

Permalink Music industry sues 83-year-old woman

"We're incredibly sorry we didn't sue her a little sooner," said a spokeperson.

posted at 10:20 am
on Feb. 14, 2005


Delicious Library is cool software, with a cool Easter Egg (read the rest below)

I discovered, and was totally freaked out by, the thing that happens when you scan in a Harry Potter book. Try it, or read about it here

posted at 10:48 pm
on Feb. 12, 2005

Permalink ‘24’ phone number goes directly to the cast—it’s called the fan phone

Sorry, it's a subscription only site.

posted at 2:26 pm
on Feb. 2, 2005


Tenessee team wins International Snow Sculpture Championships

The picture's amazing, and here's some more, though it looks a little warmer this year than in previous years. Expect more shots on this site soon, too: International Snow Sculpture Championships

posted at 1:35 am
on Feb. 2, 2005


Mother Earth News: How We Found a Live-Aboard Boat in B.C. (from 1972)

How funny to hear someone talk about getting a fishing boat for $1,000.

posted at 11:39 pm
on Feb. 1, 2005


I’ve been trying to take a break from posting, but I HAD TO link this: dancing_queen

Her milkshake brings all the guards to the yard.

posted at 8:45 pm
on Feb. 1, 2005


Bloggers v. Journalists: At least the blogger admits it when he sleeps through the keynote

In all fairness, Rafat was probably not sleeping; rather, probably blogging!

posted at 5:23 pm
on Feb. 1, 2005



“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”

...who said it?

“Almost every American I know does trade large portions of his life for entertainment, hour by weeknight hour, binge by Saturday binge, Facebook check by Facebook check. I’m one of them. In the course of writing this I’ve watched all 13 episodes of House of Cards and who knows how many more West Wing episodes, and I’ve spent any number of blurred hours falling down internet rabbit holes. All instead of reading, or writing, or working, or spending real time with people I love.”

...who said it?

“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

...who said it?

“I play with variables constantly.”

...who said it?

“Only the person who has learned Continual Love coming from a heart of Gratitude/Worship can effectively deal with the problem of loneliness.”

...who said it?

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